'Origins 2008' creation science conference Nov. 8
October 20, 2008

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The latest in origins research and the opportunity to question scientists about their findings will highlight “Origins 2008,” a young-age creation conference Nov. 8, in Chattanooga.


Dr. Todd Wood, director of the Bryan College Center for Origins Research (CORE) and conference chairman, said the program is designed for a lay audience high school age and older. Topics to be addressed include why the biblical doctrine of creation is important to Christians and to science, why science came to regard the Bible as a book of morality rather than being relevant to all of life, the flood, and how plants, animals and humans filled the earth after the flood.


Dr. Roger Sanders, assistant director of CORE, said one of the purposes of the conference is to “show science related to creation as a positive thing, not simply an argument against evolution.”


Speakers include Dr. Kurt Wise, director of the Center for Science and Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Dr. Wood; and Dr. Sanders. The day-long conference will be held at First Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga.