What Is an Internship?

j0202146.jpgThere are many types of experiences that may be considered internships. Some are very career specific while others allow students to develop more general skills. Some are more observational in nature while others are very "hands on." Some provide compensation, are for credit only, or are done on a volunteer basis.

At Bryan College we encourage students to pursue experiential learning in the form of internships. Most often this means participating in a substantive work experience that is combined with structured and supervised learning activities. The purpose is to promote critical thinking, development of skills, and personal and professional growth.

"An employer can always tell the difference when interviewing a student who has been out there…There is increased maturity and knowledge of the field and experience gained which makes a big difference."  – Government Human Resource Manager

Ten Reasons to Do an Internship

  1. Add to your knowledge and skills related to your discipline and/or anticipated career field.
  2. Enhance your academic study by trying out in a “real world” context what you have learned in the classroom.
  3. “Try on” a career without making a long-term commitment.
  4. Establish contacts in a field where you may be job hunting after graduation.
  5. Practice professional behavior and learn how organizations function.
  6. Gain the work-related experience that employers value and strengthen your candidacy for after-graduation jobs.
  7. Achieve personal growth and build confidence as you take on new challenges.
  8. Experience integrating faith in the workplace.
  9. Practice employment interviewing skills and going through the hiring process.
  10. Experience being an independent learner.

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