Student teachers minister in Mexico
April 03, 2009

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Student teaching in an international setting continues to be a popular choice among Bryan students. Amy McKoy and Sam White worked through Mission to the World (MTW), to get their spring semester student teaching assignments at Nuevo Horizonte in Acapulco, Mexico.  MTW missionary Ellen Barnett, Dr. Stephen Barnett's sister, helped Amy and Sam through the three-week immigration process and assisted them as they got settled into their accommodations in Casa Hogar Children's Home, a ministry to street children, where Amy and Sam live and have additional opportunities outside the classroom to make a difference in the children's lives.

Dr. DeGeorge visted Amy and Sam in Acapulco last weekDr. Steve DeGeorge, education professor and college supervisor of student teachers, explains that "placing students in other countries for one of their two student teaching assignments does a couple of important things. It helps bring our department in line with Bryan's mission and goals, and it allows students to begin to explore their gifts and aspirations for service in other countries. The process is fraught with challenges in terms of cost, logistics, and supervision. Spiritually and academically, however, the benefits certainly outweigh the extra effort and expense associated with this program."

Amy enjoys working with her students in small groupsAmy, who describes herself as being task-oriented, said that living and working in an environment that is "slower and less jam-packed" has taught her to be more generous with her time and has provided many amazing opportunities to build relationships with the children.  She's also gaining patience as she works to improve her language skills and adjust to the less structured environment that is so different from her experiences at U.S. schools.

Amy and Sam are enjoying weekend travel adventures and taking in the natural beauty of the area.  Amy adds that her "favorite place for Mexican food, Taco Bell, has been replaced with a love for the real thing."

Dr. DeGeorge states that Bryan hopes to "continue growing these international teaching and ministry opportunities by working with ACSI officials to develop relationships with several schools on different continents."
Bryan's mission is educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today's world.