Conferences for High School Students

Movement Conference 

Movement can be defined as "a change of place or posture, an organized effort to promote or attain an end," or more simply, "motion." Our Movement conference is our foundational effort towards pursuing our goal to help more communities to hear and be changed by the Gospel. Movement, a first and important step towards a more full understanding of the Christian story, mobilizes students to move forward into authentic faith and truth, and into a new way of being and acting in the world.

Movement is a highly interactive multimedia program designed specifically for high school juniors and seniors. This daylong conference focuses on understanding the Christian worldview by answering the question, “Who are we in relation to everything thing else that is?” By exploring God, humanity, and culture, students are challenged to think critically and gain new insight into the way Christian believers should live. Movement will engage any student with its use of pop culture examples, interactive breakout sessions led by our college staff, and fresh content.

Download sample Movement conference schedule.

Chapel Programs and Retreats

The Worldview Initiative staff is also available for chapel programs and spiritual formation retreats. We value spending time with students through activities, especially community service projects. Andrew McPeak, Coordinator of the Worldview Initiative, and Jason Glen, Assistant Director of Worldview Formation, are also available for multiple-day engagements.

Student Leadership Development

Student leadership development sessions, which focus on the integration of Christian faith and institutional passions, provide additional training and vision for student leaders. We push students to initiate creative ways to lead your school or church to have a more powerful impact for Christ in your community.

Teacher Training Initiatives

The Worldview Initiative offers training for teachers, youth volunteers, and other adults. We focus on current events, generational shifts, specific ways that culture affects the current generation, and effective methods of reaching students.

Parent Sessions

Parent sessions, often paired with Movement, include a review of the goals and purposes of Movement, discussion of current generational characteristics and time for Q&A. These 45-minute to one-hour sessions slightly increase program cost as they require afternoon/evening presentation time.

More Information

Do you want to know more about Movement chapel programs and retreats, or other programs?  E-mail your questions or schedule a conference online.