Dr. Ketchersid leads Haitian medical mission group
June 08, 2009

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Children celebrate National Flag Day in Grand Bassin, Haiti (May 18)The people of Grand Bassin in northeastern Haiti have benefited this spring from the ministry of two different groups led by Dr. William L. Ketchersid, professor of history. In March, Dr. Ketchersid led a team of Bryan students in a Break for Change outreach. Last month, under the auspices of AMG International, he led a second team made up of members of his church, First United Methodist Church in Dayton.

Team member Celia Dixon pictured with a girl who received medical servicesDr. Ketchersid’s team worked with Rev. Rodney Romeus of Grand Bassin Baptist Church. Dr. Ketchersid said that most people in Grand Bassin “earn meager salaries from farming or fishing and are greatly in need of medical attention. Our team worked with several native Haitians, including a nurse, a pharmacy student, and an eye doctor. During our ten-day trip, we saw over 500 patients who received antibiotics, medications, and over 600 pairs of sunglasses and prescription eye glasses we had brought with us.”

This is the third year that Dr. Ketchersid’s team has been to Grand Bassin to conduct medical clinics during the late spring or summer. Interestingly, another church doing work in the region is Signal Mountain Bible Church pastored by former Bryan Bible professor Dr. Gary Phillips. “Neither our Dayton church nor the Signal Mountain church knew of each other’s work in Haiti,” explained Dr. Ketchersid. “It’s amazing that God led both our churches to minister in the same area.”

Dr. Ketchersid, right front, and team members enjoy a meal with Rodney Romeus (3rd from left front) and Haitian translatorsRev. Romeus’ goal is for Haitian medical staff to keep the clinic open year round. Romeus has already seen God miraculously supply for the operation of his church; a Christian school, where more than 700 students attend for a very small fee; and the completion of construction of the medical clinic building. Both Tennessee-based churches that have advanced the cause of Christ through their long-term involvement in this Haitian community look forward to seeing what part they can play in helping this medical clinic operate year round.