The Bryan Institute for Critical Thought and Practice cordially invites you to "Christianity and Psychology: Five Views," a multi-perspectival symposium taking place on March 19-20, 2010, at Bryan College. This symposium will feature Warren S. Brown, Jr., John Coe, Eric Johnson, Stanton Jones, David Powlison, and Paul Watson.

No period has brimmed with theoretical explanations of human nature, with all its complexities, as the century just behind us. As evidence thereof, nearly a decade into the 21st century some social critics would cite the existence of over 250 schools of psychological method that are identifiable.

In the last two decades, a lively debate has been running as to what model/view is most distinctly “Christian.” What is the best way to put that "view" into practice? Does Christian faith simply augment the work of counseling in contemporary psychology? Does psychological research confirm scriptural truth, or vice versa? Or, might this, in effect, be an inadequate way to frame the question? Shouldn't the study of human nature result in the transformation of the person into the image of Christ, with dependence on the Holy Spirit? To what extent should Christian practitioners be concerned with the bias of secularism in modern psychology? Moreover, what does the explosion of brain research and genetics portend for both the theoretician and the clinical practitioner? Finally, for those called to serve vocationally in the fields of psychology and mental health, what are the challenges as well as the opportunities that need to be addressed?
These and many more questions will be part of a rich and lively conversation among proponents of the five major approaches to the relationship between psychology and the Christian faith, hosted by the Bryan Institute for Critical Thought and Practice. This conversation will benefit clinician and lay person, teacher and researcher, alike. You are cordially invited.

All seminars are free and open to the public and will be held in Rudd Auditorium. For professional clinicians 6.5 CE credits are being offered through the Christian Association for Psychological Studies (CAPS) for a nominal fee. For more information, call 423.775.7265.

Podcasts are now available for download, and CDs and DVDs may be purchased through the Bryan College Bookstore.