Michelle Edwards '01



Favorite Courses

Rhetorical Thought and Theory and a Film Critique class

Favorite Professor

Dr. Jeff Myers


Eight years ago, Michelle Edwards was a senior at Bryan College who would have been able to introduce you to nearly every student and professor by name. Today, she can still be found on a college campus, some 450 miles from Dayton with more than 23,000 undergraduate students. Michelle is on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ at North Carolina State University, a career she hadn't anticipated.

Michelle in Sweden where she led
a missions team last summer

During her years at Bryan, Michelle majored in journalism and took every class Dr. Jeff Myers taught. "The professors at Bryan are excellent...they are committed to excellence," she said. Michelle credited Bryan's small size with giving her a very personalized education and allowing her to get actively involved in leadership.

"My focus was to go into journalism to be a news reporter and make a difference in that arena for Christ," Michelle explained. "My senior year, after doing an internship in Colorado at Focus on the Family Institute, I felt like my focus was shifting and that news reporting wasn't using all of my passions and experiences God had given me. I began really praying about it, and felt the Lord was asking me to really trust Him by not going to DC but instead going on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ."

To find out if Campus Crusade was the right place to use her passion for sharing Christ with others, Michelle began researching, meeting, and job shadowing Campus Crusade staff members in Knoxville and Chattanooga. She wanted a position of influence that would allow her to love people through the social issues she had been studying in worldview classes; that is exactly what she found at Campus Crusade.

"At NC State, I work with a team of 16 other Crusade staff, trusting God to reach every student on this campus with Christ's love," Michelle explained. "I lead small group Bible studies, disciple student leaders, train people how to share their faith, coach the evangelism team, plan retreats and socials, lead summer mission trips around the country and the world, build bridges with the administrators, and pray for God to work mightily on this campus. And He is! There are about 1,000 students involved in Campus Crusade here. I'm living out of my gifts and passions

evangelism, hospitality, spokesperson, writing, teaching, adventure in ways that I didn't really dream of."
Michelle on Bryan campus
rekindling her Lion Pride

Michelle also uses her Bryan education to help students sort through what they are learning in the classroom. She is able to counsel freshmen who leave their classes confused and upset by their professors’ secular distortions of God, students who would typically get lost in the enormity of a state university. "We (as Bryan alumni) understand the Biblical worldview and other worldviews," she said. "Most people in the world applying for jobs don't understand this. Our understanding of worldviews helps us navigate culture and communicate better because we are grounded and know what we believe."

Despite how "huge and overwhelming" the thought of reaching each student and professor at NCSU is, Michelle is up to the task. "I began to see how God had been designing me for this ministry and how greatly He has used it to further His Kingdom," she said. "Even though it was scary to totally change my course, it was also exhilarating to trust and see what happened!

Michelle believes that “God really knows us and exactly where He wants and needs us to grow and make an eternal difference."