Why Study Business?


Why Study Business?Did you know that America's most popular college major is business?  Did you know that a quarter of a million U.S. students receive undergraduate business degrees each year?  Why is this? Well, with the exception of various professional areas, such as medical, legal, engineering, and education, most careers are in the business field. When seeking employment, having a business degree offers the graduate a distinct advantage.

Starting a career without a business degree can significantly affect the job opportunities available and the growth of the graduate’s career path. Getting a business degree is recommended for most people because it not only provides entry to many positions, but it provides a head start. Instead of starting at the bottom of the business ladder, business graduates might start a step or two higher, with a larger starting income, depending on their abilities and communication skills.

To get an idea of the impact of a business degree on a graduate’s beginning salary, notice the average national starting salary for the options available in the Business Department (Management, Economics/Finance, and Management Information Systems) in the chart below.

Source: NACE Winter, 2010 Salary Survey

Majoring in business at Bryan College is a challenging experience, but it prepares the student to compete effectively in today’s fast-paced world. Modern society demands broadly educated business leaders who are able to work effectively in firms, government agencies, and non-profit agencies. These leaders, holding over three million jobs in the U.S., are entrusted with managing the financial, material, and human resources of their organizations to produce the maximum benefits for their investors, employees, and society as a whole. Studies in this area focus on those areas of human knowledge that deal with the operation of modern business enterprises and other organizations.

A Bryan College business degree offers many advantages. For example, it is a balanced, broad-based, flexible degree. Approximately half of all the classes taken while at Bryan will be outside of the department of business administration. This provides breadth and experience in other areas. Within the major, the student is exposed to courses across the business domain: accounting, business law, computer information systems, economics, finance, human resource management, international business, management, marketing, statistics and other areas will be covered in the course of study.

Finally, if graduate school is anticipated, a degree from the Bryan department of business administration may help students achieve their goal. Many Bryan business graduates go on to pursue advanced degrees in business, law, ministry, and a variety of other fields. Whatever the graduate ambitions, an undergraduate business degree from Bryan is a great launching pad.