Internship Program


During our business students' experience at Bryan College, the majority of their learning and exposure to new concepts occurs in a traditional classroom setting. This is an important part of students' education in that it provides a wealth of information and skill levels that will enable them to succeed when they begin their careers.


The process of applying the classroom education to the work environment is facilitated by the Bryan Business Department’s internship program. This program permits our students to begin working in a business environment while still enrolled in the college. The benefit of such a program is that students are able to apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom before graduation.


This experience allows Bryan business students to not only gain upper division elective credit, but it also permits them to gain an insight into the business world and practical experience in business before graduation.


Eligibility for the internship program:


  • Students must be pursuing a major in the Department of Business Administration.
  • Students must have completed four semesters or at least 60 semester hours of credit toward a business degree.
  • Students must carry a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and meet any other requirements set by individual employers.
  • Students must be recommended by their advisors for internship credit.


Course Credit:


Students may petition the Department of Business Administration to earn up to three semester hours of college-level, business elective credit by meeting the following criteria:


  1. Maintain a journal relative to the job. The journal should contain documentation of all tasks performed during the internship, specific experiences pertaining to the major and anticipated career field, and observations regarding information and practices that relate to what they have learned in the classroom. This journal will be submitted in stages during the internship and a final draft will be included with the final report as an appendix.
  2. Submit a report summarizing the internship experience and knowledge gained. The report is the heart of the internship. An internship bridges the classroom with the workplace. The report allows students to demonstrate that they are able to link the two together. It is important that students discuss specific information learned in their business courses that was useful in the internship. The report should also integrate information from the internship-related readings that they have done during the experience as well as discuss skills attained on the job.
  3. Prepare and give an oral presentation to the Bryan business faculty. The presentation is essentially a summarized oral form of the report and journal. Students should use visuals, including PowerPoint, to facilitate their presentation. Presentations should normally be 20 minutes long.
  4. Receive a satisfactory job evaluation from the employer. This will take the form of a completed evaluation and a letter from the employer upon completion of the program.