Walker Haynes '96


Favorite Courses

Favorite Professors
Communication Arts

Acting classes with Mr. Belisle, Literature with The Captain (Dr. Legg); Logic with Dr. Phillips

The above three and Dr. Ketchersid

If you are looking to track down this Bryan grad, you'll most likely find him being thrown across the room in the premiere of Fox's award-winning TV show “House” this fall. Walker Haynes, a '96 graduate, works in Los Angeles, Calif., doing everything from acting and stunt work to screenplay writing and producing.

Walker with his wife Jennifer and son Caeden
He started at a video production company he founded with his friends and fellow Bryan grads Ken Conrad, Carl Diebold, and Dave Gerhart in Chattanooga, Tenn., then made the leap to LA in 1999 and began working as an extra on TV shows and movies. "I just needed to get my feet wet in the business," he said.

In 2001, Walker was accepted into the highly competitive summer program at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. As part of his training, he learned armed and unarmed combat for the stage which prepared him for his future roles as a stunt double. His natural athleticism and years of experience as a soccer player aided in this line of work as well.

Since graduating from the program, Walker has done stunt work on shows “CSI:NY” and been a double for actors including Gary Sinise and Rob Morrow. "It's important to be a sponge when you're on set," Walker said. "That way you are ready when opportunity comes."

Walker plays the character "Tate" in La Mesa, a
feature-length film that will be released in 2010.
This is a mentality that he has had since his days at Bryan when he took every acting class available and auditioned for plays at Bryan and the Tennessee Valley Theatre. "It's important to nurture your talents," Walker explained. "If you are interested in film, be resourceful. Get a camera, go out and shoot a movie with your friends. You can get pretty far with motivation and creativity."

Although attending a college in Tennessee may not be a typical launching pad for a career in film or television, Walker described his Bryan education as "foundational and challenging. At Bryan you have to really apply yourself. They [professors] teach you how to think, not what to think. I think that helped me emerge as good if not better than those who graduated from bigger schools." Walker also credits Mr. Belisle, who came to Bryan his sophomore year, and Dr. Legg with being "encouraging" and helping him seek out his own path.

Walker in another scene from La Mesa.
Walker recently completed writing, producing, and starring in the movie “La Mesa.” The film is scheduled to be released in early 2010. Although Walker spearheaded the project, he surrounded himself with a team of Bryan alums including Chris Fickley, co-writer and director; Tony McCuiston, lead actor; Simon Sakatos, composer; Alan Smith, graphic design;, Ken Conrad, colorist and visual effects; and Shay Haynes, actor/catering and craft service.

Walker is married to Jennifer, who he met "at my non-career-oriented day job as a substitute teacher," he explained. He substituted for Jennifer, a full-time teacher, several times and eventually the two fell in love. Together they have a son, two-and-a-half-year-old Caeden.