Millie Welsh '87


Favorite Professor

Dr. Steve Bradshaw

Millie Welsh stumbled upon the existence of Bryan College through a college brochure her older sister had discarded. One visit to campus was all it took and Millie “fell in love with everything about Bryan!” She recalled, “I just loved the family atmosphere!”

However, it wasn’t only the student body that impressed Millie; she was equally taken with the psychology department’s Christ-centered approach to their discipline. She said, “I seriously took to heart the psychology department’s desire to study psychology with an integrative approach using the Bible as the filter. I knew that’s what I wanted to major in so I loved that!” All this was enough to convince her that Bryan was exactly where she needed to be, and she enrolled in 1983. Little did she know the vast impact Bryan would have on her future!

Several things stand out to Millie about her time at Bryan; but in her recollection of the education she received, she shared a sentiment that rings true for many current students. “There were many times that I remember screaming, ‘When will I use this in the real world?” Since that time, however, Millie has come to more than appreciate every aspect of her education. She said, “Someone told me once the value of a liberal arts college [is] that we were learning to learn, regardless of the subject matter, and that that is what would be of value for the long term.”

That advice proved to be very true. She said, “I don’t take for granted for one second the education I received from Bryan. I do feel like it equipped me to succeed.” Millie also fondly remembers the close relationship between faculty and students that is found at Bryan. She said, “I felt like we got to know our professors as people and that for the most part, they really cared about us as individuals.”

What stands out the most to Millie about her time at Bryan, however, is more than just her education. When asked what she values the most from her experience, she said, “Definitely the friendships.” Although some of her friends balked at the prospect of attending such a small school, Millie believes it cultivated an environment where lasting friendships could form and thrive. She said, “We built friendships of depth and authenticity, many which remain to this day.”

Millie’s senior year at Bryan she attended the annual missions conference, just as she had done the previous three years. This time, however, she walked away with the realization that God was calling her to a life of full-time ministry. “I had NO intention of doing that at any point in my life prior to that week!” she said. Although having to readjust her plans last minute, Millie was faithful to that calling and signed on to work with Campus Crusade for Christ for two years.

That decision turned out to be more life-altering then she realized at the time. “God’s awesome sense of humor has turned that two years into almost 24 and counting,” she said. She has served with Campus Crusade from the moment she stepped off Bryan’s campus until now. After 24 years, her coworkers have become more like family than anything else. She said, “I am richly blessed with wonderful relationships.”

While working for Campus Crusade for Christ, she has filled various positions, but the common theme in her ministry is her focus on college students in secular universities. Unlike her experience at Bryan, Christ-following students at secular universities find themselves in the minority. “What I see with students who get involved with Campus Crusade is something that I am always amazed and humbled by – they are forced to fight for their faith, and I just took that for granted at Bryan.” Millie has truly enjoyed her work and is constantly encouraged by the growth she sees in the students she works with. “I love seeing students trust Christ and then watch them grow in their walk through discipleship.”

Looking back on her time at Bryan, Millie said, “Bryan’s impact on my life is deep and everlasting! I owe a lot of how I learned to love others well to my experience at Bryan.” She cites the many deep friendships she formed at Bryan as being instrumental in making her the person she is today.

Additionally, she feels immense gratitude toward the psychology department for preparing her for the calling she received. She said, “I am indebted to an incredible psychology program that gave me a great foundation from which to invest in others’ lives.”