Alumni launch Internet webisode series
September 03, 2009

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The creative talents and hard work of several Bryan alumni came together today with the successful launch of a new  webisode series entitled Learning with Lawrence.  Dan Evans (‘02), owner of Dayton-based Chapter2Studios, is producer and director. Brian McKenney (‘05), an employee of SkyAngel Television in Cleveland, is co-producer. Quentin McCuiston (‘03), an actor who lives and works in New York City, plays the role of Lawrence. And Tim Opelt ('04), a church worship leader in Nashville, is the composer of the original music for the series.

The main character, Lawrence Jacobs, first appeared in a feature-length mockumentary For the Title which was written by Josh Long (’05) and directed by Matthew Rogers (’05) for Bryan’s 2005 Film Festival. Lawrence was a favorite character in the film; and when Quentin (who played Lawrence) suggested the idea of creating a “how-to” series based on his character, Dan jumped at the opportunity. He secured rights to Lawrence’s character and pre-production began.

After a lengthy pre-production process, carried out almost exclusively online, the three friends met in Dayton for two and a half days to shoot nine episodes for the pilot season. According to Dan, “the production process went as planned and was as close to perfect as you can get–though exhausting. Of course, it didn’t hurt that we all loved what we were doing.”

Over the next two months, Dan spent hundreds of hours editing the webisodes and promoting the show. In an effort to keep costs low, the program creators decided to release it via the internet. Rather than spend money on promotion and ad campaigns, they took advantage of the proven networking power of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, where the program already has nearly 600 followers. And the first webisode had over 300 views on YouTube in the first 12 hours of today's launch of the series.

Visit to see the first webisode and let Lawrence teach you how to run fast!