Alumni celebrate heritage, future at homecoming

The rain and gloom of Friday gave way to a glorious Saturday as Bryan celebrated Homecoming 2009 Oct. 2-4, including a joyous march up the still-under-construction new entrance.


President Livesay (left) and Alumni Director David Tromanhauser unveil the street sign for the new roadway.

Major General Mastin Robeson, USMC and a 1976 Bryan graduate, challenged students during the alumni chapel to remember that each one who “loves the Lord Jesus Christ is going into full-time Christian service. The question is not ‘Are you a missionary?’ but ‘Are you a good one or bad one?’ When I joined the Marine Corps I found how good a Marine I was directly influenced how good a Christian testimony I was.” He encouraged students to pursue excellence for God’s glory. Hear the podcast of Gen. Robeson's talk here.


Alumni played golf in a cool mist Friday, to kick off homecoming activities. Proceeds from the golf tournament were used to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project, an organization supporting and encouraging service members who have been injured in combat.


The skies cleared for the Class of 1974 to hold a picnic that evening at the home of David and Betty Ruth Seera, while the Class of 1984—celebrating its 25th reunion—met for a banquet in the library. Other five-year classes and the Good Ole Days reunion (for alumni from 1968 and before) held their dinners in the library and Brock Hall, respectively, and a new dinner in Mac’s Café honored the most recent graduating class.


Alumni, students and friends of the college got an up-close look at progress on the new entrance Saturday morning, walking from Richland Street to the campus terminus of the drive. Leading the walk were President and Mrs. Livesay; former President and Mrs. Ken Hanna; Dr. John Mercer, son of former President Dr. Theodore C. Mercer; and Mary Frances Rudd Carlson, daughter of former President Dr. Judson A. Rudd.


Dr. Hanna pointed out that as far back as Dr. Rudd’s administration, college officials saw a need for the college to have an entrance off U.S. 27. God’s provision, the prayers and vision of many in the past, and Dr. Livesay’s efforts now have combined to bring the new entrance to this point. “I pray that all who follow after us will have the same experience of the meaning of Christ Above All,” he said.


Dr. Livesay said, “It has taken us a little longer than we had planned, but God in His wisdom sometimes takes longer than we plan, and things turn out better than we had dreamed.” He pointed out, for example, that the softball field was not in the original plan, but that change has helped address other construction challenges.


“God is good,” Dr. Livesay said. “In His timing He has allowed us to celebrate this day. We hope to be finished by this time next year. We’re thankful for His provision.”


Alumni honored at the Awards Dinner Saturday night included:

  • Henry Barrios, ’04, Young Alumnus of the Year
  • Mary Frances Rudd Carlson, ’67, Alumnus of the Year
  • Dr. Thomas B. Carlson, Honorary Alumnus
  • Athletics Hall of Fame: Jerri Beck Morgan, ’92, basketball and volleyball; Steve Hicks, ’84, cross country; John Shalanko, ’77, and Rocky DaCosta, ’80, soccer.


Homecoming concluded with an alumni chapel service Sunday, with Scott Jones, ’84, speaking. Jim Wolfe, ’78, and Jessi Hundley Trigger, ’08, led in musical worship.

Alumni responded positively to the weekend. Among comments left on evaluation sheets at the Awards dinner were: “I like that everything was structured so we could spend time with our classmates;” and “Truly, Christ is Above All.”


Sharon Overall Crenshaw, ’84, later wrote, “Re-connecting with friends was so good. It was great to walk the campus again, and there have been so many changes! God is up to something good there!”


Pippa Maxwell Asker, ’84, said, “Thanks again for a great was so good to re-connect, and Bryan's campus is just beautiful.”

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