Christ and Culture symposium Sept. 25-26
September 08, 2009

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“Christ and Culture,” integrating the hearts and minds of Christians to better understand the interaction of their faith with culture, is the theme of the next Bryan Institute symposium Sept. 25-26. 


“I have always had a burden for unity in the body of Christ, and that burden also applies to the Christian academy.” said Dr. J. Daryl Charles, director of the Bryan Institute for Critical Thought and Practice. He said he hopes the symposium will give students a wider appreciation of different Christian points of view and callings, enabling them to “go in to the marketplace and penetrate the public sphere” with a broadened sense of their personal callings and an understanding that “every calling is sacred.”


Dr. Charles said speakers for the symposium are creative thinkers reflecting Christian diversity. Each is an expert in his particular discipline. Speakers include T.M. Moore, a prolific writer and dean of the Centurions Program of the Wilberforce Forum; J. Budziszewski, a Roman Catholic political and moral philosopher and professor at the University of Texas in Austin; historian Wilfred M. McClay, professor at the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga and research fellow at Pepperdine University; and Kelly M. Kapic, associate professor of theological studies at Covenant College.


Exploring the relation of Christ and Culture, session topics will include “Render to Caesar...Render to God” and "Culture Matters: Advancing the Kingdom on the Front Lines of the Culture.”


All sessions are free and will be held in Rudd Auditorium. For more information and to see a full schedule, visit