Tracy Stone Davidson '96

Major Communications Arts with a drama emphasis  

Favorite Course

Principles of Directing with Mr. Bernie Belisle.  I was in charge of choosing and directing my own play.
Favorite Professor Dr. Raymond Legg


Tracy Davidson’s story begins with a Bryan College cheerleader who fell in love with a soccer player. Those two people were her parents. Several decades later, Tracy herself went to Bryan and became a Bryan cheerleader...who fell in love with her own soccer player. Tracy majored in communications with a drama emphasis and Jeremy Davidson, her soccer player, was a biology major.

During her years at Bryan, Tracy developed her love for acting, which had started with her debut in high school as Cinderella’s wicked stepmother. She performed in at least one play a year at Bryan and auditioned at other local theatres as well. She also served as editor of The Triangle, which prepared her for her first post-college job at Channel Two in Dayton. The position at the television station combined her dramatic and journalistic training. “Although I enjoy reading and writing, I loved being able to use my voice,” Tracy said.

Tracy and Jeremy married the fall after her graduation in 1996. They remained in Dayton where Tracy continued her job in television. “I had my own evening talk show, I did the local weather, I sold commercial space, and I often ran the cameras and sound board,” Tracy explained. “I learned a tremendous amount from my time there. It was a dream job for me.”

Next, Tracy and her husband moved to Fayetteville, Ga., where she went to work at Delta, first as a phone receptionist and then as a coach for new hires. In 1999, the Davidsons’ first child, a daughter, was born and Tracy chose to stay at home with her. Their son was born in 2002, followed by another boy in 2004.

Tracy with her husband Jeremy
and their three children


The following year, the Davidsons sold their house, car, and furnishings and moved with their three young children to Ukraine to do missions work with Operation Mobilization. Jeremy used his soccer training at Bryan to focus on sports ministry, coaching and discipling a soccer team. Although their overseas service was lonely at times, Tracy wouldn’t trade for anything the experience and the impact it had on her view of Christianity.

When they returned to the U.S. two years later, Jeremy became youth pastor at their home church. Although Tracy and Jeremy both majored and work in very different fields, they believe the Biblical training they received at Bryan is what sets their educational experience apart. “Bryan really trained me spiritually for life,” Tracy said.

Tracy is still a stay-at-home mom primarily, but works occasionally as a substitute teacher and continues to nurture her love for theatre. “I haven't stopped being involved in drama since I left Bryan,” she said. “I have tried out for several local theatres, and I work non-stop doing dramatical work for our church.”