Dr. Brabenec, mathematician, to lecture at Bryan
October 27, 2009

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Dr. Robert Brabenec, Professor Emeritus at Wheaton University and founder of the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences, will visit Bryan on his sabbatical tour Nov. 9-11. He will present a series of mathematical lectures to the math faculty and students and speak to the student body during the Wednesday chapel service.


Dr. Robert BrabenecDr. Brabenec received his doctorate in mathematics from Ohio State University in 1964, and has taught mathematics at Wheaton College for 45 years. “He practically founded the math department at Wheaton,” said Dr. Phillip Lestmann, professor of math at Bryan. “His specialty area is analysis, but he has also devoted a lot of time to studying the history and philosophy of mathematics.”


Dr. Phillip Lestmann, chairman of the mathematics department, explained that other colleges included in Dr. Brabenec's lecture series tour include Trinity Christian College, Northwestern College, and Union University. Dr. Brabenec has also taken sabbatical tours at Cambridge University in England and at the University of Virginia.


Dr. Robert BrabenecHis lectures will focus on topics from the foundations of mathematics, presented in an historical context and connecting to the Christian faith where appropriate. Lecture topics include "Some Important Algebraic Structures," "The Axiomatic Method," "Thinking Philosophically about Mathematics," and "Connecting Mathematics with a Christian Perspective."


See the schedule for Dr. Brabenec’s visit to Bryan here.