Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate of the M. A. in Christian Studies (MACS) will:
  • Articulate the essentials of the Christian worldview and its major themes and demonstrate an ability to defend its claims in our global and pluralistic culture.
  • Demonstrate Bible study methods which employ consistent and accurate hermeneutics from genres of English Bible.
  • Be able to describe the Biblical and historical basis for the existence of the church and articulate the relevance of the contemporary church and her ministry in the world.
  • Be able to outline Christian ministry principles and analyze significant issues related to contemporary church ministry and church related activities in the light of those ministry principles.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the historical and cultural contexts of the Bible’s original authors and audiences: the ancient Near East (Old Testament) and Greco-Roman background (New Testament) including issues concerning timeline, geography, religion, politics, social customs, language, and philosophical concepts.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of the essential historical beliefs of the Christian faith by being able to articulate those beliefs and defend reasons for those beliefs with good argument and evidence.
  • Demonstrate ability to use the dictionaries, lexica, concordances, grammars, and the best computer resources for language study.