Students of the Month

At the Bryan College Community Music School, we want our students to achieve mastery of their instrument and become well-rounded musicians. Our Students of the Month program provides motivation for this goal as we try to encourage and reward the good habits of our growing musicians.

Each month three BCCMS students are awarded the honor of "Student of the Month." These students are feature on the BCCMS bulletin board and on our web page! Each Student of the Month also receives a $15 cash award.


BCCMS teachers have the opportunity each month to nominate* one of their students. From these nominations, three students are chosen according to the following criteria:
  1. The student is enrolled in BCCMS.
  2. The student brings all materials (books, instrument, etc.) needed for lessons every week.
  3. The student consistently meets or exceeds the minimum practice goal set by teacher and/or meets all of the assignment goals given.
  4. The student has a positive and enthusiastic attitude during lessons.
  5. The student has participated in musical activities outside of lessons (performed, attended performances, listened to programs from listening list, etc.).
*In order to make the nomination and selection process as objective as possible, all nominations are submitted anonymously with no names attached (student or teacher).

March 2014 Students of the Month:

Camryn Carder, Piano
Teacher: Ms. Alissa Passburg
Grade: 5th

Since beginning lessons in August 2013, Camryn has exceeded her weekly practice goal by the allotted “bonus” amount set by her teacher (10% of her practice goal) and practiced a minimum of five days each lesson week.  In addition to this, she often completed a “practice journal” describing her practice sessions for that week.  
According to her teacher, Camryn “always strives for excellence in her lessons as well as in her schoolwork and band involvement.  Being a bit of a perfectionist, she can be hard on herself, but she always has a great attitude when dealing with more difficult pieces.   Her lessons are always enjoyable and I love watching her hard work pay off every week as her musical abilities and love of music grow and develop.”
Camryn performed in one the BCCMS Christmas recitals and also her teacher’s private Christmas recital.  She is preparing to participate in the RAC/BCCMS Community Music Festival in May, in addition to the BCCMS Spring recital. 
Hannah Hall, Piano
Teacher: Mrs. Allison Hall
Grade: 5th
Hannah is great about practicing almost every day and faithfully keeps track of her practicing on her practice sheet.  Whatever her teacher assigns her is completed each week and sometimes she works ahead on the next song or theory page.
According to her teacher, “You can tell that [Hannah] loves coming to lessons and loves learning new songs.  She never misses lessons and her mom was dedicated enough to even come out in the snow to get her here.  Even if a certain part of one of her pieces is difficult/challenging, she will work at it faithfully until she gets it right.  She is very attentive during lessons and is quick to do anything I ask her.”
Hannah has participated in both of the BCCMS recitals each year since she started lessons.  She has also listened to many of the listening list programs (ask your teacher if you are interested in getting a list of the listening programs recommended by BCCMS).  Her teacher says, “Normally her sheet fills up and I have to get her a new copy to add on :)”
Allie Millard, Voice
Teacher: Mrs. Alicia Roberts
Grade: 7th
Allie not only regularly meets or exceeds her teacher’s practice goals, but this semester she also took the initiative to research a piece she's working on in her voice lessons.  She watched a performance of the piece and wrote and turned in a short essay to her teacher telling what she learned about the context of the song.  Allie also verbally told her teacher what she had observed regarding the vocalist’s technique/performance. Her teacher said, “I was impressed by how much she noticed” and went on to comment, “This student loves to sing! For being a young beginner, she is proving to have many questions and works hard to implement all techniques I teach her.”
Allie stepped up to the plate in January and filled a slot at the last minute for the BCCMS Vocal Master Class, even though she'd only been taking lessons for 5 months.  She also performed in one of the BCCMS Christmas recitals.