Students of the Month

At the Bryan College Community Music School, we want our students to achieve mastery of their instrument and become well-rounded musicians. Our Students of the Month program provides motivation for this goal as we try to encourage and reward the good habits of our growing musicians.

Each month three BCCMS students are awarded the honor of "Student of the Month." These students are feature on the BCCMS bulletin board and on our web page! Each Student of the Month also receives a $15 cash award.


BCCMS teachers have the opportunity each month to nominate* one of their students. From these nominations, three students are chosen according to the following criteria:
  1. The student is enrolled in BCCMS.
  2. The student brings all materials (books, instrument, etc.) needed for lessons every week.
  3. The student consistently meets or exceeds the minimum practice goal set by teacher and/or meets all of the assignment goals given.
  4. The student has a positive and enthusiastic attitude during lessons.
  5. The student has participated in musical activities outside of lessons (performed, attended performances, listened to programs from listening list, etc.).
*In order to make the nomination and selection process as objective as possible, all nominations are submitted anonymously with no names attached (student or teacher).

April 2014 Students of the Month:

Gabriel Cathey, Piano
Teacher: Mrs. Rachel Jones
Grade: 5th

Gabriel has been taking lessons for a year and during that time he has always met the weekly assignment goals his teacher gives him.  He eagerly learns new pieces and often works on learning pieces on his own. 
According to his teacher, Gabriel “always has a good attitude during his lessons. He never complains, and he is always respectful to me and diligent in his work. He seems to really enjoy listening to pieces and figuring them out on his own, and he readily learns new pieces. In less than a year of taking lessons, he has completed nearly two method books! He shows great promise in his development as a pianist, and with his work ethic and good attitude, I know he will go far.”
Gabriel participates in BCCMS recitals and also was a contestant in the BCCMS/RAC Community Music Festival this year. He enjoys listening to the classical radio station WSMC and he and his family have attended various BCCMS musical events, such as the Faculty Recital, and other music events at Bryan.

Isaac Hendrix, Piano
Teacher: Mrs. Allison Hall
Grade: 11th
Throughout over a decade of lessons, Isaac has shown great dedication and love for music.  He is a hard worker and strives to improve each week in his musical ability.  Despite his full schedule, he always practices hard and this semester he even challenged himself to perform five pieces for the Rhea Arts Festival - a 17 min. program of many different musical styles.  He considers music a break from school, sports, etc. and lessons are an enjoyment for him.
Isaac’s family has been very involved in the arts throughout the years and he has attended countless music recitals, repertoires, concerts, etc. at Bryan College and other venues.  According to his teacher (who is also his older sister J) Isaac,“was one of just a few of my students that came to hear me play in the faculty recital - he’s one of my biggest fans and what can I say, I’m one of his J. ”
Isaac has been a regular participant in BCCMS recitals and festivals each year and has also performed at his church several times. 
Ava Nelson, Piano
Teacher: Mrs. Mary Blackburn
Grade: 2nd  
Ava has taken two years of lessons and loves to prepare for performances.  She often practices to perform for her family at home and her hard work is producing consistent progress.
According to her teacher, Ava, “shows great enthusiasm and keeps moving to the next assignment/piece, often telling of a new favorite every other week!”
Ava regularly participates in BCCMS recitals.  Recently she also participated for the first time in the BCCMS/RAC Community Music Festival for which she prepared four memorized pieces paying special attention to every detail.