God's blessing evident as school opens [VIDEO]
September 08, 2010

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A near-record entering class of 273 students is just the latest example of “the gracious hand of our God” on Bryan College, President Livesay told an auditorium full of new students and their families on move-in day Aug. 21.

Continuing students help a new student
move in to her residence hall room on Aug. 21.


“When I look and see you all here in a time of recession and challenge economically, and see what is going on on campus, I can only give credit to our God,” he said. “God is doing great things for us—the townhouses, the new entrance, a growing enrollment. What a lesson for us that our hope, our prosperity, our future are all in the hands of Almighty God.”


Dr. Livesay’s comments came at the orientation meeting for new students and their families on Aug. 21, the day most of the newcomers moved into their campus housing.


On Aug. 24, Convocation speaker Dr. Robert Norris, pastor of Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, Md., encouraged students to live a life of spiritual significance. “You are being prepared to live in these times and shape these times,” he said. “In the face of a meltdown of a society, there is a witness of the Word and the power of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.”


He said, “A Bryan College education does equip you for future careers. But its major purpose is development of the whole person and preparation for the life of Christ to shine in the midst of a society with all its challenges.”

J. R. Kerr, teaching pastor and campus developer at Park Community Church, Chicago, was the Spiritual Life Conference speaker August 25-27. J. R. is co-founder of the Center for Missional Entrepreneurship and the Aitreni Group for social change, as we well as a weekly Moody Radio commentator, regular guest on Primetime America and a contributor to Leadership Journal.