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March 2010 Volume 2, Issue 6

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Dear Bryan Colleague:

The Bryan College Library is soliciting your active participation in a special event we are hosting as part of our National Library Week activities, April 11-17. That week during specified times, the library will sponsor a “People Books” collection, in which we would like you to be one of our “breathing books,” because we think students and community patrons would enjoy “reading” you.

Here’s how it works: If you agree to participate, you will be available for “check out” by any of our patrons for up to a half hour at a time (with possible renewals if no one else is waiting to check you out). They then will ask all of the questions they have ever wanted to ask someone in your position. You will have the option to refuse to answer any question for any reason. The idea is for you to share with interested library patrons what it is like to be in your position. You may also choose the position for which you wish to be “read”. For instance, you may prefer to be a book titled A Military Veteran, or A Quilter, or A Former… (fill in the blank) rather than as your position with Bryan College. There are literally hundreds of possibilities for any one of us, and you may list yourself as more than one title. Nothing is too mundane, especially if you have stories that you would like to share, and it gives you the chance to share anything you find interesting with someone else who finds it interesting. We will also give our patrons who check you out some guidelines to help them ask appropriate questions to make it an enjoyable time.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me as soon as possible (preferably by Monday, March 15th) with the position(s) you would like as the title of your People Book(s) and the day(s) and times you would like to make yourself available during national Library Week, April 11-17. We will then list you in our promotion as an available People Book. If you have any reservations or questions, please call me at extension 196 so that I can talk you into it! Thanks in advance.

Gary Fitsimmons, PhD
Director of Library Services

Editor's note: For an example of how this type of program has worked in the past, read the University of Arkansas' Living Library FAQ


Mrs. Polly Revis

Polly RevisHow long have you been at the college? I started working part-time in 1993 and moved to full-time in 1996. Prior to that, I worked at TVA for 8 years, but I took advantage of their incentive program to quit early so my husband and I could focus on finishing our house. While we were working on the house, I was contacted repeatedly by several different offices from the College requesting that I come work in their department. I wasn't sure I wanted to start back to work so soon, but they wore down my resistance. I'm glad I came to work here; I really like my job!

Tell us what you do: I'm the Technical Services Supervisor. I handle the library's accounts; I order books and supplies; and I supervise the mail, serials, and cataloging student workers (and I do a little cataloging myself).The beginning of the semester and the beginning and end of the month are extremely busy for me.

I like that my job allows (and almost requires) me to plan out my day and get it accomplished in a timely manner, but some days I just come in and say "hi" and "bye" to people and don't get to see them much. When I am able to interact with the faculty and staff (usually about ordering), it's always enjoyable. Mine is not a social job, but it has to be that way to get things done.

Please tell us about your family and what you like to do in your spare time: I love to spend time outside. My husband, Anthony, and I spend a lot of time out on the boat; I read while he fishes. I hike while he is deer scouting. I also love to cook. We have one child, Ashley, who is a senior Biology major at UTC. She wants to go on to get her R.N. degree.

Anything else? When I had my TIA episode a couple of years ago, I was grateful that Dr. Livesay (who was relatively new to the college at the time) came down first thing to the hospital to sit with my husband; he didn't even know me or my family, and yet he came. I really appreciate his servant leadership.



We added over 100 new items last month. Here are just a few:

Main Collection

Chapman, Jane. Issues in contemporary documentary. 070.1 C366i

Jeeves, Malcolm A. Neuroscience, psychology, and religion: Illusions, delusions, and realities about human nature. 201.615 J349n

Carroll, Vincent. Christianity on trial: Arguments against anti-religious bigotry. 239 C236c

Weigel, George. The courage to be Catholic: Crisis, reform, and the future of the Church. 282.73 W427c

Rabaka, Reiland. W.E.B. Du Bois and the problems of the twenty-first century: An essay on Africana critical theory. 305.896 R112w

Jones, Stanton L. Ex-gays?: A longitudinal study of religiously mediated change in sexual orientation. 306.76 J710e

Bourke-White, Margaret. The photographs of Margaret Bourke-White. 779 P566

Heining, Duncan. George Russell: The story of an American composer. 781.65092 H364g

Kobre, Michael. Walker Percy's voices. 813.54 K799w

Greenberg, Cheryl Lynn. To ask for an equal chance: African Americans in the Great Depression. 973.04 G829t


Pioneers of the spirit: Augustine of Hippo. AV 270.2092 P659

Chinese capitalism: Moving the mountain. AV 338.951 C441

Of Sound and Fury: The 1925 Scopes trial. AV 343.768 Of1

Guys and dolls. AV 791.43 G993

Invasion of the body snatchers. AV 791.43 In895

Scarface. AV 791.43 Sca71

Erwin Rommel : the last knight. AV 940.3 Er94

Geronimo and the Apache resistance. AV 970.004 G319


Hill, Anthony D. Historical dictionary of African American theater. REF 792.089 H550a

Online Resources

Hoover's - Access and analyze complete industry coverage using this comprehensive company database. Includes company fact sheets, key executive profiles, and financial information. (Off-campus access requires Bryan login.)

First Research - A companion to Hoover's, First Research features searchable industry profiles, state/ regional economic quarterly outlooks (including employment and real estate trends), and the ability to select and rank industries based on industry drivers and key economic metrics. (Off-campus access requires Bryan login.)


Spring is not exactly springing quite yet, although more than one person has indicated to me that they are ready for it this year. The library has been busy with much behind the scenes work, much like what goes on in nature during the winter months. We are acquiring, processing, and adding items to the collection, organizing the archives, planning new programs and services, and continuing with the ones we have in place (which seem to be expanding on their own).

Two exciting things coming up are National Library Week which will feature our first ever “People Books” and our hosting of the ACRL Scholarly Communication 101 Roadshow: Starting with the Basics. Be sure and read the articles in this newsletter on these events, and consider adding yourself to our People Bookshelf for National Library Week. We would like to add many more volumes to this fun and informative collection. Don’t worry, we will return you when the event is over!

-Dr. Gary Fitsimmons


Spring Break Hours

The library will be open Mon-Thurs 8:00 am - 4:30pm March 8-11.


ACRL Scholarly Communication Roadshow

The Bryan College Library was recently selected (from among 40 applicants) as one of five institutions nationally to host the Association of College and Research Libraries' “Scholarly Communication 101: Starting with the Basics” traveling workshop. According to the Association, "The primary audience for the workshop is librarians and library staff who need good grounding in these issues....The workshop is appropriate for those with new leadership assignments in scholarly communication as well as subject liaisons and others who are interested in the issues and need foundational understanding." Bryan College will be inviting librarians and other educators from across the Southeast to participate. Dates for the workshop and more details to follow.

Check out: Selected Resources authored by the six speakers for the Bryan Institute's upcoming  Christianity & Psychology Symposium, March 19-20.
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