109 receive degrees in December commencement
December 21, 2009

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One hundred nine graduates received diplomas during Bryan’s 79th commencement exercises Dec. 18, at the Tivoli Theatre in Chattanooga.

Graduation was a time for families to celebrate.


Fifteen graduates received the Master of Business Administration degree, 12 the Bachelor of Arts degree, and 82 the Bachelor of Science degree.


“We thank God for who the graduates are,” President Dr. Stephen D. Livesay said. “But we also thank God for what they will become in the years to come.

”Dr. Robert Haskins, pastor of Tyner United Methodist Church in Chattanooga, used the word “Bryan” as the basis for his graduation address.


  • “‘B’ is for belief,” he said. “A lot of people have difficulty believing in anything today. My aim tonight is to help you reach belief in God that is worth holding on to. 
  • “‘R’ is for realizing. This is not the end but the beginning or realizing something of value in your life. If you leave yourself open, you will realize something far better than you could imagine.
  • “‘Y’ is for you yourself. By receiving your degree it shows a level of determination, of ‘stick-ability.’ It shows that you trust in yourself that you are able to do it, and you have done it.
  • “‘A’ is for attitude. Attitudes are formed. Tonight you form an attitude about where you go from here that will guide you the rest of your life. Your attitude from here on out is key to your future.
  •  “‘N’ is for navigate. Life is like a voyage, with many ports of call. The direction your life takes is a personal decision. I hope you can say at the end of your life that you have finished the course and kept the faith."


Awards were presented to Teresa Curl, an Aspire degree completion graduate, for the outstanding research project, and to Carolyn Candland, a traditional program graduate, for having the highest academic average.