January Faculty/Staff News
January 19, 2010

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Dr. Daryl Charles was the plenary speaker for the January 6-8 meeting of Lutheran ethicists in San Jose, California. The title of his presentation was “Written on the Heart?” 

Mr. Steve Keck, director of development, has been asked to serve as a board member of the Greater Chattanooga Area Planned Giving Council.

Dr. Jeff Myers has the following schedule:
  • January 9 – Keynote speaker for K-Life Annual Staff Retreat
  • January 28 – Keynote speaker for Young Emerging Leader’s Retreat with Rowan Gilson, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • January 29-30 – Keynote speaker for ACSI Administrator Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • January 31 – Keynote speaker for ACSI Administrator Conference, Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Michael Nichols, director of admissions, and Chris Henderson and Dennis Scheidt, admissions counselors, attended the Tennessee Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (TACRAO) Annual Conference in Knoxville, TN, November 18-20, 2009. Bryan College was awarded the TACRAO Annual Meeting Scholarship (TAMS) which covered much of the expense associated with the conference.

Dr. Michele Pascucci presented a paper entitled “Revelations from the Personal Library of José Juan Tablada: Sources of his Orientalism” at the Midwest Association for Latin American Studies conference in Dallas, Texas, on November 20.

Mr. Earl Reed took eight of his computer science and management information systems students (Dustin Puckett, Shoshanna Bray, Nick Cahill, Tyler Dixon, Ryan Moore, Josh Ball, Daniel Newton, and Jared Arthur) to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on December 9. 

ORNL is best known for its Jaguar XT5—the Cray high-performance computing system, recently ranked as the world’s fastest supercomputer for unclassified research. All told, four machines at the ORNL computing complex are among the world’s 25 swiftest.
The students toured the facility where the XT5 and another super computer are housed and attended a presentation by an ORNL computer specialist on the ORNL story and the function of the supercomputers. The students learned that the supercomputers are used to model gigantic events, such as research in global warming, genetics, and genomes, accomplishing tasks that standard computers would be unable to process in a lifetime.
The tour concluded with a visit to the graphite reactor facility built during World War II. Parts for one of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan at the end of WWII were made at Oak Ridge. 

Dr. Roger Sanders has been awarded an ACA Faculty Fellowship for the summer of 2010. The award was made to support his travel to botanical museums in New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and St. Louis to study plant specimens. His study will help him complete research on the classification of Lantana. He also recently completed the editing of two papers for the Occasional Papers of the BSGdownload here under Recent PublicationsNumber 14 by Doug Kennard, "The Serpent in Genesis 3:15 Is a Snake" and Number 15 by Jonathan Bartlett, "Irreducible Complexity and Relative Irreducible Complexity."

Mrs. Marlene Wilkey, director of career planning and corporate relations, attended the 2009 Southern Association of Colleges and Employers Convention in Nashville, TN, December 13-16. The keynote speaker was Phil Gardner who spoke about the newest recruiting trends as reported by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University.