Students attend D.C. leadership conference
January 28, 2010

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Understanding the diversity of political thought among Christians and an up-close look at Washington, D.C., were two of the highlights for students in the Federal Seminar course in January.

Students who attended the Federal Seminar
are pictured in front of the Lincoln
statue in the Lincoln Memorial.



Eight Bryan students attended the Christian Student Leadership Conference in Washington Jan. 18-22 and found some challenges to their assumptions. “They came away with a recognition that all Christians don’t think like they do,” said Dr. Travis Ricketts, professor of history and teacher for the course. “I was encouraged by the careful thought they exhibited. They didn’t just accept what was said without careful consideration."


During the conference students heard presentations by Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and now a columnist for The Washington Post; Tim Goeglein, vice president of external relations for Focus on the Family; and author and speaker Os Guinness.


In addition to the formal conference activities, students took a White House tour, visited congressional offices, ate breakfast in the Senate dining room and attended the March for Life on the National Mall.


“Federal Seminar is designed to introduce students to United States government on the national level by exposing them to government leaders and important national issues,” Dr. Ricketts said. The course offers “an opportunity for students to spend a week immersed in the political culture of Washington, D.C.”


Students were required to keep a journal, interview two individuals who work in some capacity for the national government, and write a 10-page paper on an issue of federal policy.