Bryan College Republicans attend CPAC in D.C.
March 02, 2010

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Putting aside regional politics and plunging into the national political debate, 16 students with the Bryan College Republicans headed to Washington, D.C., for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Feb. 18-20.

Every year the College Republicans attend this annual rallying of conservatives hosted by the American Conservative Union. This year the conference focused on motivating conservatives to find purpose, unification and awareness of the Republican Party’s past in order to move ahead.
CPAC moments captured by Meaghan Jones, Andrew Wilber, and Joel Richardson.

FOX radio and talk show host Glenn Beck was the keynote speaker, and former Vice President Dick Cheney also spoke to the assembled party. Among other presenters were Ann Coulter, former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, and former presidential candidate Ron Paul.

“Government is ruled by these parties and people,” said Joshua Davis, president of the Bryan College Republicans. “We hope that students took away a need for citizen action, that being part of the political process is not simply an option we’re afforded.”

Two students shared what they took away from the experience:
  • Sophomore Andrew Wilbur: "I had a great time at CPAC! It was exciting to hear speakers that I had seen only as news and TV personalities, as well as learn about who is up and coming in the Republican Party. Learning about current events and participating in the action and media-saturated environment of the conference was fun, but I also found time to tour D.C. with friends."
  • Freshman Meaghan Jones: "CPAC 2010 was my first major political conference. Going into it I thought that it might be boring, but what I walked away with was something quite different. I heard from leaders like Michelle Bachman and was able to meet great conservative Christians like Stephen Baldwin. More than the speakers and the people I met were the friendships I gained. I met people that I normally don't hang out with and walked away with some great memories. Most of this was due to XPAC, the lounge that was hosted by Xtreme Media. Just being able to hang out with and hear from young conservatives was great. CPAC and XPAC 2010 was an amazing experience."
Next on the agenda, the College Republicans are planning a townhall meeting after spring break to invite and showcase nominees for different offices in Tennessee government.