Spring break ministry teams to head out soon
February 25, 2010

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Over one hundred students, staff, and faculty will give of their time and talents to serve others during spring break that will begin March 5. International teams will be in Panama, Nicaragua, and Latvia, with additional teams in California, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. 

Select Members of Men's Soccer Team to Serve in Panama

The Panama team (from left) includes Taylor McFerran,
Coach Joey Johnson, and Harry Sherwood,
along with Coach Johnson's wife Suzanne.
Bryan College soccer players Harry Sherwood and Taylor McFerran will be accompanying Coach Joey Johnson and Coach Johnson's wife Suzanne on a spring break trip into the jungles of northeast Panama. They will be immersing themselves in the culture of the Ngabe tribe and will be exposed to a world much different than in the U.S.

Coach Johnson explained that those born into a tribal group in this region are born into a world of poverty, alcoholism, and hopelessness. "Our team will reach out through the privilege of relationship to serve the Ngabes. We will be involved in community projects, children’s outreach, and running soccer clinics in remote villages. As we live with the villagers, our hope is to be humble learners embracing all they have to teach; and as we serve, we serve freely. When we climb out of the jungle valley at the end of the week, packs on our backs, our prayer is that we leave changed and that maybe, just maybe, we leave a friend or two behind with a more hopeful smile than when we came."

Spring Chorale Tour - TN, KY, IN, and IL

Bryan College Chorale director Dr. David Luther said that this year's tour is taking place in an area of the country "where we seldom venture, especially in a season as cold as this one has been." With Chicago as the tour’s ultimate destination, stops along the way will include Knoxville, Louisville, and smaller cities in Indiana and Kentucky. The tour will conclude with a concert near Nashville.

Dr. Luther explained that "all the venues are new contacts, which is very exciting for the Chorale. The Alumni department staff sent out over one thousand postcards to alums in each area to notify them of the time and place for our concerts. It is always refreshing to see loyal Bryan friends. The tour verse this year is Psalm 29:2, 'Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name; worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness.' The singers truly want to fulfill this expectation in each concert."  Click here for the complete tour schedule.

Break for Change Teams Minister at Home and Abroad

Belize Team 2007Five Break for Change ministry teams will join partners in Limbazi Latvia; Managua, Nicaragua;  Opelousas, La.; Nashville, Tenn.; and San Diego, Calif. Team members have spent the past five months preparing themselves, gathering equipment, learning about their national and field partners, and readying themselves as a team. They’ll enter into hard, sometimes eye-opening realities around the world where they’ll pursue the example set by Jesus who came to serve and not be served.

Assistant Director of Spiritual Formation Ben Norquist explained that "We want our students to know and be known by their communities. We want them to have the capacity to engage in intimate, culturally relevant ways in the context of international communities and to understand themselves as always being on mission with God in their locale. We’re excited about the Break for Change experience because it provides a laboratory for students to begin interacting with these values." More details

Worldview Initiative in Florida

The Worldview Initiative will be ministering during spring break to students and families in a church in St. Augustine; a home school group in Plant City; and Christian schools in Hudson and Naples, Florida.

Assistant director Bonnie-Marie Yager stated that "spring break is a unique time for the Worldview Initiative to spend more time with students and connect through small groups. Our week-long trips always prove to be a stretching time for not only the students we speak to but for the team members as well." The relationships team members build with high school students focuses on prompting them toward a true and deep Biblical worldview while motivating them to a Christian way of living in the world. Bonnie-Marie added, "As we explore what it means to be human and who God is, we are able to ground high school students in truth while exploring how to live life well in our communities because of Jesus Christ."   Click here for Worldview schedule.