Consultation All-Stars

Pictured from left are Julian Bennett, Josh Rule,
Jason McFrederick of Majak and Jason Reynolds.
MBA students Julian Bennett, Josh Rule and Jason Reynolds spent a day doing a consultation at Maják in a neighborhood in the city of Brno. The students brought a varied background to their consulting job: Josh works in sales at Heil Trailer, Julian works in the IT department at Unum Group and Jason is a newspaper reporter.

Maják, which is operated by a group affiliated with the Wesleyan Church, consists of a community center that is rented for office and residential use, sports activities and group meetings, including the local version of the Boy Scouts. Church services are held there, and the center hosts ESL classes. The center’s main purpose is to bring Czech citizens into contact with Christians.

Maják’s staff, led by Jason McFrederick, wants to generate more income from the property so the mission won’t have to rely on American donations any longer, and so they can offer more programs to the neighborhood. The leaders also want to bring more Czech citizens into leadership positions in the community center to give the people a sense of ownership and to free themselves up to focus on their call to ministry. Using marketing to raise the public’s awareness of Maják’s services was another desire.

Jason, Josh and Julian’s recommendations included offering scholarships to churches’ members in exchange for space at the churches to hold classes, thus expanding Maják’s reach and producing more income, and holding leadership courses for local residents.

Jason McFrederick seemed very impressed with the MBA team’s suggestions and even asked for a copy of Jason Reynolds’ notes from the meeting. After the students had returned to the States, they wrote a formal report for Maják fleshing out their recommendations.

“Maják’s leaders weren’t the only ones who gained something that day,” Jason Reynolds said. “I’ve always found hands-on experience to be one of the best teachers, and I felt my work at Maják was just as educational as an MBA class. It’s given me an appreciation for the good that a consultant can do for an organization and a desire to do this sort of work in the future. Helping a Christian organization was an added benefit.”