New entrance portion complete on campus
August 12, 2010

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A dream many years old is so near reality students will drive part of it when they arrive on campus this month.

This view of the intersection of Landes Way and Mercer Drive at the roundabout shows the Townhouses at Bryan Commons, center left and the still-under-construction softball field at right.
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Vice President of Operations Tim Hostetler said Landes Way and a sidewalk tie the townhouses to the rest of campus, but the new entrance road lacks finish paving between the new residence halls and Richland Street. “That will be complete by homecoming,” he said.


The Tennessee Department of Transportation, in cooperation with the City of Dayton, has agreed to build the actual intersection with U.S. 27. That part of the project, including the section between Richland Street and the highway, is awaiting final arrangements by the governmental bodies before work proceeds.


Along with construction of the new entrance has come construction of parking lots behind Rudd Auditorium, development of a softball field, installation of restroom facilities at the soccer field which will be operational by homecoming, and construction of a parking lot for alumni at Rhea House.


While those projects were handled by outside contractors, Mr. Hostetler said the operations staff carried out renovations to the admissions, financial aid, student life, spiritual formation, business office, and Rankin Center, added a meeting room in the Mercer Hall second floor lobby, renovated the Clementson House for use as an art studio, renovated the Mercer House, and converted Huston Hall to triple rooms.


“It will be exciting to see students enjoying the improvements we have made this summer, but between now and the start of school we’re still checking off lists to make sure everything is ready when they return,” he said.