Rhea County seniors invited to Golden Eagle Day
September 23, 2010

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High school seniors who live in Rhea County are invited to a get-acquainted event Tuesday, October 5, where a new scholarship designed for them will be explained.

Financial Aid Director Rick Taphorn said the new Rhea County Scholarship offers high school students who live in Rhea County, no matter where they attend school, $12,000 toward the cost of a Bryan education. Students must have at least a 3.0 grade average on a 4.0 scale, and must score at least 21 on the ACT or 980 on the SAT.


“This scholarship is our way of telling Rhea County students that we want them to consider Bryan as one of their first choices for college,” Bryan President Dr. Stephen D. Livesay said. “Bryan offers a quality Christ-centered education with the advantage of being close to home for Rhea County students and their families. The community through the years has been vital to the life of the college, and this is a tangible way we can recognize that publicly and acknowledge our appreciation.”


Campus Visit Coordinator Hannah Lee said the Oct. 5 Golden Eagle Day is planned to give high school seniors a close look at Bryan. “We’ll have check-in at 4 p.m., campus tours, dinner, a session on the admissions and financial aid process and a time for our guests to talk with Bryan students from Rhea County,” she said. The free event will conclude at 9 p.m.


Combined with Tennessee’s Hope Scholarship, the new grant will reduce the tuition cost of attending Bryan to less than $3,000 per year, Mr. Taphorn said. “Other sources of federal and state aid could reduce that amount further.”


Students who accept the Rhea County Scholarship may renew the full amount each year by maintaining a 2.5 grade average.


Mr. Taphorn said students interested in the scholarship must be Rhea County residents by Sept. 1 of their senior year in high school, must meet Bryan’s early acceptance deadline of Jan. 31, and make their enrollment deposit by May 1.


Information about the Rhea County Scholarship also will be available at Bryan’s booth at the Rhea County High School College and Career Fair Wednesday (Sept. 29).


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