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September 2010 Volume 3, Issue 1

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It's only a couple of weeks into the school year, and already the library is busier than ever! Join us for some special events and peruse some special displays at the library this semester:

September 17 is the day our Constitution became the basis for the law of the land. This Constitution Displaymonth we are celebrating the U.S. Constitution. Take a moment when you enter or leave the Library to stop by the display in the library atrium and learn a fact or two about the document by which our land is governed. Display is up now through September 20.

September 20 is our People Books event. Eleven of your colleagues have agreed to be "open books" and share their life experiences with our students. Spoede Lounge, 3-5 pm and 7-9 pm.

October 15 (tentative) a new Bring Your World Into Our World display featuring the Computer Science and Math Departments (more information in our October newsletter).

October 18 is our first in a series of Evenings of Readings. This particular event features Ray Legg, Pamela Davis, Kim Crowe-Tuttle, and Jonathan Doran reading selections from their favorite works. Spoede Lounge, 7-8 pm.

December 6 is our second Evening of Readings, and we're using it to kick off the Christmas season. If you are interested in reading aloud a favorite Christmas poem or story, please e-mail Keri-Lynn Paulson by November 24. Spoede Lounge, 7-8 pm.


The Great Book Exchange

On your next visit to the library, take part in our Great Book Exchange, a chance for you to pick up a new (gently used) book or two and, in exchange, leave a couple for others to peruse and possibly take home. The book stand is in the hall near the Spoede Lounge. Decorative sign by student Melinda Fitsimmons


Keri-Lynn Paulson

Editor's note: Watch for the Staff Spotlight once per quarter, in which we shamelessly promote our friendly library staff, accompanied by an embarrassing photo or two.

Keri-Lynn PaulsonHow long have you worked at the college? I started volunteering at the library when we moved back to Dayton in the Fall of 2003, and I was hired on a part-time basis the following semester. Prior to coming here, I was a reference and instruction librarian at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

What is your role at the library? I am a reference librarian, and my responsibilities fall into three distinct categories: I support the Adult and Graduate Studies programs, I manage the library's digital media outlets (our web page, digital signage, and calendar, etc.), and I assist with events and displays.

What do you like about working at the college? The ability to work closely with both faculty and students is really gratifying. It's not possible to have that level of interaction with as many people when one works at a large institution. That I get to do so in a place where my colleagues share some very core values and beliefs is even better!

Anything else you'd like to communicate to our readers? I can't pass up the opportunity to encourage you to come visit us in the library! We are a helpful and friendly bunch.

Tell us about your family: My husband Steve also works at the college (as the Director of IT Services). We have two children: Lucy (6) and Peter (5).

From The New York Times:
"Scholars Test Web Alternative to Peer Review" (Aug 23, 2010).
"Instead of relying on a few experts selected by leading publications, [some Humanities  scholars] advocate using the Internet to expose scholarly thinking to the swift collective judgment of a much broader interested audience." Read more to discover what changes the revered Shakespeare Quarterly is implementing in its review process.


You can make recommendations for our collections here and on the library's forms page. We also have book catalogs available for your perusal. Ask at the library’s front desk.


We added nearly 400 items to the library's collections this summer. Here's a sampling. For more information on each title, please refer to our online catalog.

Main Collection


Bird, Michael F. The saving righteousness of God: Studies on Paul, justification and the new perspective. 227 B532s

Fowler, Larry. Rock-solid kids. 259.22 F829r

Griggs, Donald L. Teaching today's teachers to teach. 268.3 G876t

Evans, Rachel Held. Evolving in Monkey Town: How a girl who knew all the answers learned to ask the questions. 277.3 Ev151s

Ngô, Vinh Long. Before the revolution: The Vietnamese peasants under the French. 309.1 L850b

Boorstin, Daniel J. The genius of American politics. 320.97 B644g

Kluger, Richard. Simple justice: The history of Brown v. Board of Education and Black America's struggle for equality. 344.73 K714s

Pool, Robert. Eve's rib: The biological roots of sex differences. 612.6 P781e


Flom, Jonathan. Get the callback: The art of auditioning for musical theatre. 792.602 F658g

Harkins, Harry L. Basketball's 1-4 motion offenses for men's and women's basketball. 796.323 H225b

Loewe, Michael. Everyday life in early imperial China: During the Han period, 202 BC-AD 220. 931.04 L825e

Lendvai, Paul. Inside Austria: New challenges, old demons. 943.605 L546i

Children's Literature

Scieszka, Jon. The true story of the 3 little pigs. JUV 813.54 W831t


Ahlberg, Janet. The jolly postman, or, Other people's letters. JUV Easy Ah47j

Barrett, Judi. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. JUV Easy B275c

Allard, Harry. Miss Nelson is missing! JUV Easy M355m

Schachner, Judith Byron. Skippyjon Jones. JUV Easy Sch116s


DeVenney, David P. The new Broadway song companion: An annotated guide to musical theatre literature by voice type and song style. REF 016.7821 D492n


Kukt'o Chiri Chongbowon. The national atlas of Korea. REF 912.519 N213

As seen sported by a junior faculty member:

Plagiarism, n. : Getting in trouble for something you didn't do.

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make


Library Hours for the Fall
Mon-Thurs 7:45am-11pm
Fri 7:45am-5pm
Sat 1pm-5pm
Sun 2pm-11pm

For information on library hours during college breaks, see our Hours & Staff page.

Archivist Stephanie Wood recently attended Librarian's Day, hosted by the Federation of Genealogical Societies, in Knoxville, TN, where one of the speakers was the Archivist of the United States, David Ferriero. She also participated in a webinar on digitization by the leaders in the Digital Archives initiative on August 25.

Polly Revis attended a cataloging webinar entitled "Controlling Headings in WorldCat" on August 31. Topics discussed included the scope of current controlling functionality and the benefits of incorporating controlling into one's cataloging workflow.


Here we are screaming full tilt into another semester, all of us with new projects on our plates and wondering how we’ll get it all done. If this does not describe you, it does, no doubt, apply to many of your students. Be sure to remind them (hopefully before they show overt signs of panic) that the reference librarians can help save them research time by showing them how to make the most of the resources offered by the library. Reference librarians are on duty sometime every weekday morning, afternoon and evening the library is open and Sunday evening as well. Another important aid with “panic attack" is the Academic Support Center, which can pair them with a tutor if they are just not getting a course concept.

For those who are taking things more in stride this year, the library is offering special opportunities on select Monday nights this year. Hopefully you received and at least considered our invitation to be a part of our People Books Collection coming Sept. 20th. Later on this semester be looking for another invitation to read aloud in one of our Evenings of Readings. We hope that you will not only volunteer to participate, but also come to enjoy and encourage students to do the same. They will have a chance next semester to do the reading aloud.

We are always open to suggestions for services, programming, and resources to offer, so contact us with yours, and enjoy this busy semester with us!

--Dr. Gary Fitsimmons

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