November 2010

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November 2010 Volume 3, Issue 3

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ON DISPLAY: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Ever wondered wmotherboardhat the guts of your computer look like? Feel lost when words like "proxy server" and "teraflops" get thrown around? Look no further than the latest Bring Your World Into Our World display, where we explore--in layman's terms--the mysteries of computer science and catch a Math Displayglimpse of the beauty, complexity, and order of the universe 
through the world of mathematics (up now through mid-January). We learn how math only makes sense through a biblical worldview, and we take a look at where math and computer science are going and where they have been (check out the punch paper tape and protractors!). Stop by and try your hand at one of the Towers of Hanoi puzzles--they look easy.

Let's Play!

The library will celebrate National Gaming Day (a nationwide event) on Saturday, November 13, from 6-10 pm. All types of board games and video games will be available, and the library is providing free pizza and drinks. As part of the event, SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) members are hosting a Halo tournament to raise money for The Kenya Project.

First Evening of Reading a Success

Evening of Reading Participants (l-r) Jonathan Doran, Ray Legg, and Pamela Davis. Not pictured: Kim Tuttle
(L-R) Readers Jonathan Doran, Ray Legg, and Pamela Davis. Not pictured: Kim Tuttle.

Students gathered in the Spoede Lounge on Oct 18 to eat cookies and listen to faculty/ staff members read aloud from some of their favorite literature, from Zora Neale Hurston to Rudyard Kipling to a variety of entertaining children's books. Our next Evening of Reading is December 6. Come for Christmas stories, Christmas cookies, and cider!


Here's a sampling of what we added to the library recently. For more information on each title, please refer to our online catalog.


Main Collection

Bull, Andy. Multimedia journalism: A practical guide. 070.4 B872m

Luckie, Mark S. The digital journalist's handbook. 302.231 L964d

Kendris, Christopher. 501 Spanish verbs fully conjugated in all the tenses in a new easy to learn format. 468.2 K349f

Ellis, Richard. No turning back. 576.8 EL591n

Kaufman, Bel. Up the down staircase. 813.5 K162u

King, Stephen. Needful things. 813.54 K580n

Stewart, Mary. The crystal cave. 823.914 St491c

The Thirty Years' war. 940.24 T349


Pratt, Neal. Functional anatomy. AV 617.1027 P888f

The ultimate Oliver Stone collection. AV 791.43 St711u


The eighteenth mental measurements yearbook. REF 371.26 B937m


The Library's semi-annual Book Sale will be November 8-19. We have a large number of books, some new or like-new, all at very good prices.

Thanksgiving Break Hours
closes T/W, Nov 23/24, at 5 pm
closed Thurs-Sat, Nov 25-27
reopens Sun, Nov 28, at 7 pm


Polly Revis attended an OCLC webinar entitled “When to Input a New Record” on November 1.

Vonnie Johnson attended the Tenn-Share conference in Nashville October 27-29.

Gary Fitsimmons attended the annual TICUA Library Director Meeting, serving as a panelist on “Open Access as Scholarly Communication.” There were also discussions on time management for library directors, working with faculty, integrated information literacy programs, library HR issues, and marketing library services.


I was just thinking the other day about how amazing it is that we are already nearing the end of the first decade of the “new” millennium. When I was in high school I was pretty certain that Christ would return before I graduated. Then when I actually moved on into that next phase of my life called “College” I still held the imminence of His return, but less dogmatically and with more expectation that I had a life to live and be an influence for Him. It took the influence of professors and lots of exposure to lots of ideas from humanity’s past to steer me toward a path of looking for platforms of influence from which to share the gospel and the truth about the God I worship.

I appreciate all of you and your influence upon Bryan College students (two of which are my offspring) to steer them toward “making a difference in the world”. I seek to augment that influence by facilitating their exposure to the ideas from humanity’s past and present, both good and bad, laudable and despicable that will help them to see both humanity’s need of redemption as well as the shining lives of those who have lived out that redemption. When students show an interest (and even when they don’t) please remember to encourage them to dig deeper, to know more, to get more understanding of how others have and how they can find platforms of influence in their world through reading and otherwise engaging breadth and depth of their culture through the resources, activities, and services sponsored by the library. You can be a shallow person and seek information in a library, but you cannot remain so if you engage with much there for very long.

--Dr. Gary Fitsimmons

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