RobinsonF. E. Robinson Residence Hall opened in August 2006. The hall is named for F. E. Robinson, one of Bryan College’s founders and generous donors who served as chairman of the board of trustees for over 25 years.

Providing housing for 120 women, the building is a traditional style hall with bathrooms and lounges on each floor, a computer lab and is wired for residents to have wireless Internet access from their rooms. Rooms are individually climate-controlled and are equipped with movable, modular furniture.

Quick Facts about Robinson

Floors: 4—and an elevator! Robinson 4th floor has the best view on campus!

Residence rooms: 60

Students per room: Two women per room

Current Capacity: 120

Room Description: 14′ x 16′, Cinderblock walls and hardwood laminate floors

Furniture/Amenities: Bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, dresser and sink with medicine cabinet. All rooms have movable furniture.

Community Areas: Lounge (cable tv), kitchen (refrigerator, stove, oven and microwave), laundry room (washers, dryers and ironing board) and limited storage provided for residents. There is also a state of the art computer lab and wireless access for the residence.

Showers per student: About one shower for every four women

Robinson is well-known for: Being called “The Palace”, since it is Bryan’s newest residence hall. It is often also referred to as “North Hall” due to its northern-most location among Bryan’s five residence halls.

Robinson residents’ activity of choice: American Idol (this seems to draw the largest group!)

Robinson pastimes: Supporting Bryan College athletic teams! Making lifelong friendships! And there is even some studying that happens outside the classroom!

Kim Crowe-Tuttle, RD

Originally from Auburndale, Florida, Kim happily calls Dayton her home now. She graduated from Bryan College with a B.A. in Christian Ministry and has since followed that with an M.A. in Management from Liberty University (Va.).

Before returning to her alma mater, Kim served at First Baptist Church of Auburndale (Fla.) as a children’s minister and has also spent time working in higher education admissions. An avid traveler, Kim hopes to one day visit Ireland and England, as well as visit Alaska, Oregon and Washington, the final three states on her tour of the United States.

Kim is the proud mother of two sons, Christopher and Nicholas and is an avid fan of the Florida State Seminoles, Miami Dolphins, Star Trek and dark chocolate.

Katie Yance, RA

RA on Robinson 4th: Katie Yance, Senior

Hometown: Belle Glade, FL
Major: Music Ministry, Church Music
Favorite food: Chocolate
Favorite music:Jazz
Favorite TV show, movie, or book: Bones, Pride & Prejudice
Favorite Bible verses: Ps. 108:1 Ex. 14:14 Ps. 46:10
Favorite quote: “What are men to rocks and mountains?”
Why you want to be an RA: To minister to other women, support them through
rough times, encourage them to laugh and make them smile!

Jerelyn Gentry, RA

Jerelyn Gentry – Robinson 3rd R.A. , BC Junior

Hometown: Pleasanton, California
Major: Christian Ministry (Youth Focus), Minor: Soul Care
Favorite food: Veggie Fajitas
Favorite music: I love country
Favorite tv show, movie, or book: Anything Disney
Favorite Bible verses: Hebrews 6:19 & 2 Corinthians 12:9
Favorite quote: “Love: it will not betray, dismay, or enslave you. It
will set you free” Mumford & Sons
Why you want to be an RA: I absolutely love people and enjoy coming up
with spontaneous, fun things to do with people!

Nancy Barker, RA

Nancy Barker, RA on Robinson 1st, BC Senior

Hometown: Dunlap, TN
Major: Business Administration
Favorite food: Pretty much anything with chicken :)
Favorite music: Pop & country
Favorite tv show: Once Upon A Time
Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 19:14
Favorite quote: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” ~Dr. Seuss
Why you want to be an RA: I want to invest in my sister’s lives
directly, and I felt like God was calling me to this ministry to serve Him through serving my peers.

Kerrie Reinhardt, RA

Kerrie Reinhardt, Lead RA and BC Senior

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Major: Criminal Justice
Favorite Bible verse: Ephesians 5:1-2
Favorite Food: Brownies
Favorite book: Pride and Prejudice
Why I want to be an RA: I love building relationships with the girls on this campus, in the building, and on my hall!

Heather Knight, RA

Robinson 3rd floor RA. BC Sophomore

Rachel Meredith, RA

Rachel Meredith, RA on Robinson 2nd and BC Senior.

Hometown: Garland, TX
Major: Exercise and Health Science
Hobbies/Sports: Playing basketball
Favorite Music: Country
Why I wanted to be an RA: I wanted to become and RA because of the lasting relationships I can build with the students on my hall.

Catie Beth Poole, RA

Catie Beth Poole, RA on the 4th floor

Hometown: Ringgold GA
Major: Psychology
Favorite food: Dark chocolate
Favorite music: Jazz
Favorite movie: The Glenn Miller Story
Favorite Bible verses: 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
Favorite quote: “Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it” -L. M. Montgomery
Why you want to be an RA: I want to be able to serve and build relationships with the ladies of Bryan College.