Bryan College accepts the Board of Regents-approved transfer associate degree from public community colleges in the state of Tennessee.

Students earning these degrees are automatically granted 60 semester credits and junior standing upon admission to Bryan. Since some of Bryan’s four-year degree programs require other specific course work to be completed as core curriculum classes, students must complete these courses either as part of their associate degree or at Bryan College. (Students planning to transfer should carefully choose their core curriculum courses in consultation with their community college advisor and Bryan in order to ensure that the best selections are made in light of their intended four-year major.)

The College also requires completion of CT 113, CT 402, BIB 222, BIB 224, and one other elective from the Christian Studies and Philosophy Division (excluding GRK, HEB, CT 111,112 and 214) plus the remaining coursework that students with a transfer associate degree must take to finish their baccalaureate program. All courses in the student’s major – both lower and upper division – must have a grade of C- or higher. Though admitted with junior standing, graduation at Bryan within two additional years is not guaranteed.