Office of Academics

Dr. Kevin Clauson, Vice President of Academics

Professor of Government and Law | Director, Center for Faith, Freedom and the Constitution

Dr. Kevin Clauson has served Bryan as Vice President of Academics since June 2014. He joined the Bryan community in 2009 as Professor of Government and Director of the Bryan Center for Law and Public Policy. He works with the faculty to craft, deliver, and assess quality academic programs for students on both the Dayton traditional campus and at sites serving non-traditional students. Dr. Clauson serves on the President’s Executive Cabinet and Chairs the Academic Council.

Before coming to Bryan College Dr. Clauson was a Political Science professor at Grove City College, President of a small four-year “classical Christian” college, and head of the Government programs at Liberty University (for 19 years). He also founded and was President of The Patrick Henry Institute in Virginia (not to be confused with Patrick Henry College) and has served as an Elder in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (whose founder, Dr. J. Gresham Machen, was asked to become the first president of Bryan College) and the Christian & Missionary Alliance. He was a candidate for public office twice and served on the full-time staff of a Presidential candidate (as State Director) in 2008.

He earned the J.D. (Law) from West Virginia University and the M.A. (Political Science), B.A. (International Affairs), and B.S. (Chemistry) from Marshall University. He was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia. He and his wife have five children (two married) and eight grandchildren (so far) and live in Dayton, Tennessee.


Francis X. Kimmitt, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President of Academics | Director of Institutional Effectiveness | Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

Adina L. Scruggs, D.B.A., Dean, School of Adult & Graduate Studies | Chair, Department of Business & Economics | Secretary of the Faculty

Ronald D. Petitte, D.P.A., Dean, Honors Institute| Director, Center for Leadership & Justice Professor of Politics & Government

Thomas Marshall, Ph.D., Dean, Vogel School of Engineering | Professor of Engineering


Stacey Gates, B.S., Director of Dual Enrollment

Mandi K. Sullivan, M.Ed., Director of Academic Programs, AGS

Academic Success Center

Daniel Gleason, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Academic Success Center | Assistant Professor in English | Faculty at Large, FLC

Linda Hill, Testing Center

Kristi B. Strode, M.A., Director, Academic Success Center | ADA Coordinator | Instructor of English

Bryan Centers

Tina Benkiser, J.D., Assistant Director, Center for Faith, Freedom and the Constitution | Instructor of Business & Constitutional Law

Kevin Clauson, J.D., Director, Center for Faith, Freedom and the Constitution | Chair, Department of Government & Justice | Professor of Government and Law

Neal A. Doran, Ph.D., Director, Creation Research Center | Professor of Biology

Gail Francis, M.S., Director, Ruth Heflin Cofer ASL & Interpretation Center | Instructor in American Sign Language

Dennis Miller, M.S., Director, Center for International Development

Ronald D. Petitte, D.P.A, Director, Center for Leadership & Justice | Dean, Honors Institute Professor of Politics and Government

Kathryn Saynes, Ed.D., Director, Center for Undergraduate Research | Chair, Department of Education | Associate Professor of Education

John A. Sterling, J.D., Assistant Director, Center for Faith, Freedom and the Constitution | Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Government | Director of College Safety and Security

Department Chairs, School of A & S

Reginald E. Ecarma, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Communication, Media and Culture | Professor of Communication

Judson Davis, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Christian Studies and Philosophy | Professor of Greek

Kimberly A. Keck, D.M.A, Chair, Department of Fine and Performing Arts | Assistant Professor of Music

Alice D. Lawrence, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Biology | Assistant Professor of Biology

Raymond E. Legg, Jr., D.A., Chair, Department of English, Modern Languages and Liberal Arts | Professor of English | Director of Study Abroad

David E. Perron, Ed.D., Chair, Department of Exercise and Health Science | Associate Professor of Exercise and Health Science

Travis H. Ricketts, Ph.D., Chair, Department of History | Professor of History

Clark C. Rose, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Psychology | Professor of Psychology | Faculty Athletic Representative

Kathryn A. Saynes, Ed.D., Chair, Department of Education | Director, Center for Undergraduate Research | Associate Professor of Education

Adina Scruggs, D.B.A., Chair, Department of Business and Economics | Dean, School of Adult & Graduate Studies | Associate Professor of Business | Secretary of the Faculty

Lyle Smith, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences | Associate Professor of Mathematics & Physics | Director of Engineering Development

Faculty Officers

Paul Boling, Ph.D., Chair of the Faculty | Professor of Christian Thought and Philosophy

Wendell M. Jones, Jr., Ph.D., Vice Chair of the Faculty | Professor of English

Adina Scruggs, D.B.A., Secretary of Faculty | Dean, AGS | Associate Professor of Business

Daniel Gleason, Ph.D.., At Large Member | Assistant Professor of English | Assistant Director of Academic Success Center

Michael Palmer. M.A., At Large Member | Associate Professor of Communicaiton

Matt Johnson, Ed.D, Representative, AGS | Assistant Professor of Education & Psychology | Program Director for M.Ed.

Peter A. Held, Ph.D., ex officio | Professor of Christian Studies | Senior Fellow for Christian Worldview


Gary Fitsimmons, Ph.D., Director of Library Services | Professor of Information Literacy

LaVonne M. Johnson, M.L.S., Public Services Librarian | Assistant Professor

Polly E. Revis, B.S., Technological Services Manager

Kevin W. Woodruff, M.S.I.S., Special Collections and Projects


Janet M. Piatt, M.S.Ed., Registrar

Brenda Wooten, Associate Registrar

Support Staff

Donna Eldridge, B.S., Academic Advisor, AGS

Audrey Henderson, B.S., Secretary, Office of the Vice President of Academics

Rhonda Kettenring, B.S., Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Academics

Darlene Lestmann, Performing Arts Coordinator | Administrative Assistant

Steve Paulson, B.S., Lead Instructional Designer

Clark C. Rose, Ph.D.., Faculty Athletic Representative | Professor of Psychology | Chair, Department of Psychology

Josie Riggs, B.S., Academic Advisor, AGS

Erin Sanchez, Library Outreach Technician

Hannah L. Schultz, J.D., Title IX Coordinator | Assistant Professor of History, Government, & Justice

Jennifer A. Travis, B.S., Coordinator of Field Experiences | Education Specialist