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Student Achievement and Institutional Data

Student Achievement and Institutional Data

Bryan College evaluates student achievement consistent with its mission: “Educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world.” Various criteria will include graduation, retention, job placement rates, general education testing, major field testing, and nationally-normed self-report studies. Data are analyzed as part of institutional Effectiveness and are reviewed by appropriate faculty, staff, and administration.

Student Outcomes Manual 2019-20

Institutional Fact Book 2019-20



Graduation Rates are collected by the Office of the Registrar and provided to appropriate administrators for decision-making purposes.

Current 6-year graduation rate: 46 % *

Average 6-year graduation rate: 54 %

*Some are still enrolled or completing requirements.



Retention rates are collected by the Office of the Registrar and provided to appropriate administrators for decision-making purposes.

Freshman retention rateFall 2016-Fall 2017 (traditional only): 68%

Average Freshman retention rate past five years (traditional students only): 69%

General Education Testing

As a liberal arts institution Bryan College takes great interest in general education competencies of graduating seniors. Each year Bryan administers the ETS Proficiency Profile to measure general education knowledge and skills. Charts with the most recent results are available on pages 8-10 and 22-23 of the Student Outcomes Manual.

Job Placement

The Career Services Office at Bryan College surveys graduating seniors each year to ascertain their employment status, prospects, and intentions, as well as their graduate school intentions.

2016 survey: 92 % of respondents were employed or not employed by choice.

Graduate school: 80 % of our graduates have been accepted into their first or second choice graduate schools.

National Assessment Testing for Majors

Many academic programs use national major field tests (standardized across an entire area of study, regardless of the institution), if available and compatible with the unique distinctives and worldview of the program, as part of outcomes assessment, overseen by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) at Bryan College. Bryan uses several major tests and the results compare favorably with national scores.  The results for the 2018/19 academic year are below:

  • Biology 149, 37th percentile
  • Business 161, 73rd percentile
  • History (ACAT) 54766th percentile
  • Literature in English 181, 94th percentile
  • Math 145, 27th percentile
  • Psychology 168, 76th percentile  

Student Engagement

Bryan College uses the Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI), a national survey by Ruffalo Noel Levitz, to gage various types and levels of “student engagement”, including level of academic challenge, student-faculty interaction, and supportive campus environment.

Some of the survey results, based on specific questions, that demonstrate high satisfaction levels of Bryan College students when compared to national four-year private colleges are:

  • Financial aid awards are announced to students in time.
  • Residence hall staff are concerned about me as an individual.
  • Security staff respond quickly in emergencies.
  • There is an adequate selection of food in the cafeteria.
  • Faculty are usually available after class and during office hours.