Summit's Worldview Conference On Bryan Campus

Tennessee 12-Day Experience: July 3-16 & 17-30, 2016

As many as 50% of Christian students walk away from their faith by the time they graduate from many secular and liberal Christian colleges.

At Summit’s 12-Day Student Worldview Conference Experience, high school and college-age students, 16 or older:

  • Are equipped with the ability to understand dominant non-Biblical worldviews.
  • Are taught to offer a reasoned answer for Biblical Christianity which is often attacked in secular academic settings.
  • Will learn why they believe what they believe.
  • Will develop leadership strategies that will help them make a difference in the world around them.

For further information, contact Summit staff.

2015 Highlights

Special Discount

Summit is pleased to offer a $100 Student Conference discount to all faculty, staff, and alumni of Bryan College–and their children! Simply call our main Summit office (719.685.9103) for your personal discount code to be used when you register. This discount can be used after the early-bird rate has expired. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with the early-bird rate.

The process is quick and easy! Simply click on this link to begin the registration process.

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Earn College Credit

Students attending the student conferences at any of the Summit locations can earn 2 or 3 hours of college credit through Bryan College. These credits are transferable to most colleges and universities (both religious and secular) and are transcripted as PHIL (Philosophy) 111: Contemporary Worldviews.

Please keep in mind that this is a college-level course. In order to maintain academic integrity and because of the abbreviated schedule, the requirements for this program are non-negotiable.

Please visit the Summit page for details regarding college credit requirements, course syllabus, and more.
Payment Requirements for College Credit at the Bryan College Summit Conference

  1. College credit fees are non-refundable and are in addition to the Summit program tuition.
  2. Payment in full is required when you submit your college credit application at Bryan College after picking it up on arrival.
  3. All checks MUST be made payable to Summit Ministries.
  4. Students must turn in completed college credit applications at Bryan College. College credit applications mailed to Summit will not be accepted.
On Campus Activities
  • Sports: After spending the morning and early afternoon in the classroom listening to fascinating lectures and interacting with speakers, participants will love a few hours of free time in the beautiful outdoors every afternoon! Most afternoons will hold organized games of ultimate freebie, sand volleyball, soccer, bombardment, and more. Whether you get excited about running around for several hours or just enjoy watching (and cheering!), there will be plenty of excitement on the sports fields.
  • Indoor: If the outdoors aren’t your thing, students can discuss the day’s lectures, play pool or foosball, or play guitars (feel free to bring your instruments to Summit, well those that can easily fit in a dorm room!) in the Latimer Student Center during the afternoon.
  • Performance Night: A tradition of the Tennessee Summit is the famous talent show. Bring your instruments, funny or unique talents, skits, etc. and try out for this exciting evening. Just to be honest – it IS hard to land a spot in this show!
Off Campus Activities
  • Downtown: Dayton, a small quaint southern town, is home of the historic Scopes Trial. Students can explore the museum during a free afternoon and learn fascinating facts regarding this famous trial.
    Service Projects: Another way to spend an enjoyable afternoon during Summit is by engaging in several opportunities for serving in the community. A recent addition to Summit’s program in Tennessee is the opportunity to take the ideas discussed at Summit and put them into action–serving the community that has hosted the students for two weeks.
  • Whitewater Rafting: The middle Sunday students have the option to hit the Ocoee rapids of East Tennessee. Some of the best whitewater rivers in the country, the Ocoee was the location for the Atlanta Olympic Whitewater Competition in 1996. For years Summit has teamed up with Adventures Unlimited for a fabulous day on (and sometimes in) the water! (Cost: $75)
  • Fort Bluff: Another favorite activity of the Tennessee Summit is the afternoon spent at Fort Bluff. All students and staff load into buses to head up Dayton Mountain for an afternoon of mini-golf, hiking, the waterslide, and many more activities.