Study Abroad

Italy Abroad Semester

Italy Abroad is a semester-long program designed to bring together exciting academics, cultural experiences, and personal encounters with a missions lifestyle.

San Lorenzo, Italy

Bryan College partners with Saints Bible Institute, located in northern Italy between the Italian Alps and the shimmering city of Venice. The Center is a 200-year-old converted farmhouse compound with two student dorms, a small cafeteria, classroom, lounge, and student kitchen. Its hometown of San Lorenzo is only a few kilometers away from a train station, gelato and coffee shops, and the local market.

Spring Break allows students to plan a week-long visit to a nearby European country like France, Austria, Spain, Great Britain, or Greece.

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Academic Modules

While classes begin during the regular Bryan semester, they fall into a modular schedule during the Italy portion of the semester. Students take nineteen credit hours in intensive modules. Lectures run 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday, with an extended lunch break. Homework for the next day is completed each evening. This system enables students to enjoy a deep, intensive look at each subject with their professor and classmates. If you have any special course needs, in addition to courses offered in Italy, please see your academic advisor.

Spring Course Offering

(3 credits each unless otherwise indicated)

  • CM210 Cross Cultural Missions and Evangelism
  • FA 211 Fine Arts
  • HIS 212 History of Western Thought & Culture II
  • Either BIB 224 New Testament Literature & Interpretation or BIB 334 Gospels
  • BIB 329 Acts
  • CT 340 Contemporary Apologetics
Students pay Bryan tuition, room & board, plus a program fee.

Bryan financial aid applies to this program.

These monies cover all education-related costs in Italy including housing, school travel, food, etc. Students are responsible for their own tickets and travel from the airport of their choice to and from Venice (VCE), spring break travel, textbooks, and personal expenses.

Important Dates


November 1: Early Bird Application deadline to qualify for $200 program discount.

November 30: Regular Application deadline.

$200 non-refundable deposit due two weeks after application is received.

Spring Itinerary

January 26: Depart for Italy.

April 24: Return to the U.S.

Preparing For Italy

Saints Bible Institute

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Italy Abroad: Apply
  • Personal Information
  • Essay Questions
  • Terms of Agreement
  • Agreement Form for the Bryan College Study Abroad Program in Italy

    If accepted into the Bryan College Study Abroad Program in Italy, the student, by signing below, agrees to the following:

    1. The student must register at Bryan College through the appropriate means before participating in the program.
    2. The student must adhere to both the Bryan College student life handbook and the SBI student handbook. Where these two differ, the SBI student handbook takes precedence.
    3. The student must consult with his/her advisor to make certain of how participation in the Study Abroad Program in Italy affects his/her major requirements and timeline to graduate.
    4. The student must be aware of the additional cost of the program, and is responsible for consulting with the Financial Aid Office for appropriate aid.
    5. Upon applying, the student will pay a non-refundable deposit of $200 (USD) within two weeks of acceptance.
    6. If the student withdraws from the program prior to its beginning, s/he is responsible for any costs incurred by the Program on his/her behalf.
    The above list is not intended to be exhaustive. Other contractual agreements may be given to the student by the appropriate official persons. The above agreements may be changed, deleted or added to by the appropriate officials* of Bryan College and Saints Bible Institute.

    *Official persons for the Bryan College Study Abroad Program in Italy are Mr. Samuel Spatola and Dr. Raymond Legg.