Do you have a passion for global missions? Whatever your vocational gifts and skills, the Acts Project helps you to partner with believers all over the world to build the kingdom of God!

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Vocational Gifts for the Global Church

The Acts Project is a vocational internship in a missions context preceded by an intensive semester of preparation. CM420 Missions: Foundations and Applications meets weekly in a small, highly interactive Bible study setting, where students explore God's call to cultivate the Gospel around the world and study current trends in missions. Once on the field, Acts Project interns serve alongside believers of many nationalities, and live with missionaries who become cultural guides, vocational mentors, and spiritual friends.

Students of all majors experience how their course of study is preparing them for a life of good work for God’s kingdom. We consider each placement with our ministry partners so that the skills, gifts, and passions of each student are employed and developed while contributing to particular needs on the field.

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