The following questions are part of the application and answers are required of all applicants to the traditional program at Bryan College. This application facilitates the transition of Dual Enrollment students to the Residential Undergraduate program and may also be used by other applicants as directed by the Admissions Office.


  • Contact Information
  • Biographical Information
  • Community Life Standards
    • The Bryan College community is committed to maintaining an atmosphere that reflects our life in Christ and ultimately gives praise and glory to God. In an effort to maintain an atmosphere conducive to this commitment, certain community living standards have been established. While this set of standards may not be the preference of each individual, those who choose to join the Bryan community do so voluntarily, and therefore, willingly take upon themselves the responsibility to abide by these guidelines. These standards include, but are not limited to:

      1. Refraining from cheating, stealing, and lying
      2. Chapel attendance: a regular gathering (3 days/week) of the Bryan Community for spiritual nurture, worship, and worldview development
      3. Church attendance: (10 per semester) regular involvement in the local church is an essential part of the spiritual development process 
      4. Living in residence halls unless granted an exception:  we believe living in community is an incredible part of the college experience
      5. Dress code: we believe modesty in dress is an appropriate standard for a Christ-centered community
      6. Refraining from the use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs

      If accepted, you are expected to abide by Bryan College standards, rules, and regulations. Please refer to the Student Handbook and Catalog for complete list of guidelines and rules.

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    • Completing the name portion below will be considered your signature acknowledging that you have read, and agree to abide by, the Student Handbook, including the above statements, and certify the answers above are true, accurate, and your own.

    • All items must be completed.