With the media spotlighting skyrocketing student loans and questioning whether a liberal arts degree will help graduates find a good job, students and parents are asking important questions that deserve answers:

  • Will the time and money I spend on my college education be worth it?
  • Are the costs at a Christian college higher than at a public college?
  • Will I be able to get a job related to my degree after I graduate?
  • Will my child become a thriving adult?
  • What role will my child’s college choice play in whether he or she will become one of the 6 out of 10 Christian young people who leave the church? 1

Consider These Facts

  • Christian College Solidifies Faith. The results of nearly 25 years of research consistently reveal that those who do not attend a Christ-centered college will experience a decline in religious values, attitudes, and behaviors during college. 2
  • College Contributes to Becoming a Thriving Adult. “People with higher levels of education are more likely to have rewarding jobs, more likely to exercise regularly, less likely to smoke, more likely to be active voters and volunteers,

    and more likely to engage in activities with their children….College graduates become more productive workers, pay higher taxes and depend less on social support networks.” 3

  • Job Opportunities Available Only to College Graduates. Why are adult college degree programs (for the 25 and older crowd) growing so fast? While not the only answer, “More and better job opportunities” is often cited.
  • Impact on Lifetime Earnings. The average lifetime earnings difference between a high school and bachelor’s degree graduate over the course of one’s lifetime is approximately $900,000.4  The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides further earnings comparisons based on level of education here.


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