Rudd Auditorium, the venue where our campus community and guests convene for chapel programs and performance arts productions, is getting a facelift and expansion. A list of projects completed during Summer 2012 and a photo album are available below. The future projects for which funds are currently being raised are also listed below.

This project is part of The Master's Plan, a major phase in the overall Strategic Plan: Vision 2020.

This project is part of The Master’s Plan, a major phase in the overall Strategic Plan: Vision 2020.

Completed Summer 2012
  • Updated all seating and installed aisle lighting
  • Installed new digital sound system–sound board, new speakers, and sound booth
  • Painted and installed new carpet and light fixtures in auditorium, lobby, hallways, and staircases
  • Began restroom renovations
To Be Completed (pending available funds)
  • Add a new building facade and additional classroom, lab, and office space to the Landes Way side of the building
  • Add additional space to the stage
  • Finish restroom renovations
  • Extend balcony seating to 400
  • Upgrade landscaping, parking lots, and sidewalks


Artist's Renderings of Coming Projects

  • RuddRenovation
    Rudd’s new “front” that will face the new entrance
  • Rudd-addition-interior-reception-rendering-small
    Small group performance and reception area


Memory-BannerRudd Auditorium, Bryan’s iconic campus building, is named for Judson A. Rudd, Bryan’s third president (1933-1955). Over the course of its 35+-year history, Rudd has been the site of thousands of chapels, theatre and music productions, community events, and more. Here’s the place to share your favorite Rudd memory and to read others’ stories.

If you would like more information about this project, please contact  Steve Keck at or call 423.775.7323.


Making Progress