Bass1 Bass2The Bass Twins- Sarah Bass Henke ’05 & Liz Bass Edwards ’05, Basketball

“Sarah and Liz were exactly what you hope for in a Christian Athlete, they embodied that as well as any two players I have ever coached at any level. They put the team first everyday in what they said and in how they carried themselves, they competed hard with a high level of intensity just at Jesus would have played the game. I have coached All Americans and WNBA players in my 18 years of college basketball but there are not two players ever that I have enjoyed coaching more or respect more for who they are and how they honored Christ on and off the court. They put Bryan College Women’s basketball on the national scene for the 3 years they played for me!”

Coach Matt Bollant


CampbellDanny Campbell ‘89, Soccer

“Let me begin by stating that Danny was one of the core players of our 1986-1989 soccer teams and he led in both word and action. Danny’s first and foremost goal was to live and play for the Lord Jesus Christ and he did with equal intensity. Danny demonstrated a work ethic and a passion that were unmatched and relentless. Yet with that intensity he always played with a smile, something that was noticed by both teammates and opponents and something that was refreshing and memorable. As a college athlete, as a man, as a student, and as a Christian this is an earned and deserved honor for Danny and a privilege and a blessing for all of us to share. Danny epitomizes what a Bryan College student athlete should represent. Congratulations Danny!”

Coach Ray Kordus ‘83

Prior Inductees


  • Dr. Robert Spoede, Athletic Director
  • Anthony Revis, ’76, Baseball
  • Dean Ropp, ’81, Basketball
  • E. Shannon Law Dancila, ’88, Basketball
  • Wayne Dixon, ’64, Coach
  • Tom Potter, ’76, Cross Country
  • Chuck Grant, ’76, Soccer
  • Ann Efird Faggart, ’88, Volleyball


  • Ray S. Locy, ’73, Baseball
  • Jerry L. Cline, ’78, Basketball
  • Sandy Stack, ’80, Women’s Basketball
  • John G. Reeser, Coach
  • Eric P. Clarke, ’80, Cross Country
  • Reg Cook, ’74, Soccer
  • Jim P. Soyster, ’80, Soccer
  • Louise Burt Hewlett, ’78, Volleyball


  • Martha Weygandt ’83, Volleyball
  • Mike Wood ’78, Cross Country


  • Dr. L. Jake Matthes ’59, Track, Cross Country, Basketball. Returned to Coach in ’67


  • John Spracklin ’95, Soccer


  • Luke Germann, ’78, Soccer


  • Brett Landes ’83, Basketball
  • Matt Landes ’82, Basketball
  • David Willson ’90, Soccer


  • Jerri Beck Morgan ’92, Basketball and Volleyball
  • Steve Hicks ’84, Cross Country
  • John Shalanko ’77, Soccer
  • Rocky DaCosta ’80, Soccer


  • Boe Barinowski ’85, Soccer
  • Ronnie Cox ’89, Basketball
  • Carlos Vega ’79, Soccer
  • Francisco “Cisco” Cleaves ’81, Soccer


  • Moises Drumond ’01, Soccer


  • Isidro Loaiza ’01, Soccer
  • Dr. Sandy Zensen, Director of Athletics, Soccer


  • John Gosse, ’99, Soccer
  • Abe Hadzic, ’99, Soccer


  • Sarah Bass Henke ’05
  • Elizabeth Bass Edwards ‘05
  • Danny Campbell ’89


  • Abigail Snead Angove ‘05