• Front Desk: 423.775.7315
  • Box 7800
  • Library First Floor
  • ASC@bryan.edu

Regular Hours

Monday – Thursday: 9am – 10pm

(Closed 10-11am on Mondays and Wednesdays for chapel)

The Academic Support Center will be closed on all holidays and vacations when the college is closed. Students are encouraged to check the scheduler to see when tutors for specific subjects will be available during open hours.

ASC Staff

Academic Support Center Director | ADA Coordinator
Kristi Strode

Writing Studio Director
Daniel Gleason

Proctoring Services Coordinator
Linda Hill

Writing Studio

The Writing Studio provides students with a space to improve as writers by spending time with trained peer tutors. Writers are welcome to bring drafts of papers at any stage for any class to the Writing Studio.


The ASC can pair you with a tutor who has a solid grasp on the subject in which you would like to sharpen you skills and who is dedicated to helping you succeed.

Exam Proctoring

The ASC Exam Proctoring Service supports the Bryan community by proctoring exams for students who need special accommodations, who need to take an exam outside of regular class time, or who are enrolled in online courses at Bryan College.

Proctoring Hours: Fall 2017

Monday: 1-4pm
Tuesday: 8-11am
Wednesday: 6-9pm (By appointment only)
Thursday: 1-4pm

Disability Services

Disability Services

Working with the ADA Coordinator and your professors can make a huge difference in your college career. In addition to physical disabilities, many people with disabilities have “invisible” disabilities; that is, you can’t tell by looking at them that they have a disability. Along with creating accommodations for your classes, mental health counseling services are also available.

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