How to Get Online Tutoring

Visit WCONLINE to schedule and attend online tutoring sessions in writing, math, or statistics. View our step-by-step guide for creating an account and meeting a tutor here.

Bethany Smith
Director of Academic Support Center
ADA Coordinator
Phone: 423.775.7171

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Frequently Asked Questions

Working through difficult assignment problems?

Do you need help outlining an essay? Working through difficult assignment problems? Online tutors can help you understand your assignments and clarity your ideas. They can com alongside you in the learning process. Tutors cannot proofread your papers or complete your homework for you.

What Happens in a Session?

You will work with a tutor in a real-time online meeting or request feedback on a paper or assignment without a real-time meeting. You will text or audio chat to ask questions, work together on papers and practice problems, and view online resources for more help.

When are Tutors Available?

Visit the tutoring website to view a schedule of available times. While tutors are not available at all hours of the day, we understand you have  a busy schedule and will work to accommodate you.

What Can I Bring to a Tutor?

Bring a specific question or concept to your tutor for help. Rather than ask for “writing help,” mention specific topics like paragraph development. Also upload your instructor’s guidelines for your assignment. Remember you can get help beyond the classroom – we review resume and cover letters, too!

Meet Our Tutors

Michael Worrell, Senior

Subject Area: Writing

Jenny Thomas

Subject Area: Writing

Kristi Strode

Subject Area: Writing

Pamela Hollis

Subject Area: Writing

Bob Andrews

Subject Area: Statistics