what is bcinternet?

BCInternet is provided by I.T. Services for students, faculty, and staff to access the Internet through wireless connections using their personal computers. You must have a wireless network interface card (PC CaWiFi_Symbol.GIFrd, PCI card, or USB adapter) compatible with 2.4GHz 802.11b/g (11 or 54 Mbps) installed on your computer for wireless access.


BCInternet provides filtered web access as well as most other commonly used Internet applications* (i.e. instant messaging, webmail, client-side file transfer, streaming radio, etc.). BCInternet is not an extension of BryanNet, but rather an additional service provided by I.T. Services.


While BryanNet Webmail can be accessed through BCInternet, access to one's home files and other BryanNet resources such as the Public Folder and the Application Server is not supported. BCInternet is comprised of more than 60 Wireless Access Points covering nearly every building on campus along with the grassy areas between these buildings.

Wireless networks on campus are generally named for the building that houses the access points.  e.g., In Mercer Hall, the BCInternet access points are named "Mercer Wifi."


*Not all Internet applications are supported.