Support the 2013 Undergraduate Research Conferences

The Bryan Center for Undergraduate Research (BCUR) encourages Bryan students to present their research in the context of a professional conference.  Students are guided through the process of investigating a research topic of their choosing and are required to present their findings in both a written paper and a conference presentation.  

This initiative is multidisciplinary and is led by faculty representing the humanities and the sciences, and it encourages research across a variety of academic disciplines.  It is the goal of the BCUR that all participants gain valuable research and writing experience and that Bryan promotes academic excellence by encouraging thoughtful research and publication outside of the classroom.  

Annual Research Conference

Our annual undergraduate research conference, with its attendant faculty‑led workshops on abstract writing and presentation preparation, is the primary means through which we encourage and promote student research. The conference is a valuable, open arena in which to gain the experience of presenting to and discussing research-in-progress with professors and peers in a friendly and supportive, yet academically rigorous, environment.  It offers undergraduates from different disciplines the opportunity to meet, cultivate connections, and exchange ideas.

Last semester's student researchers included:

Level 1 Participation: Spring 2013 Research Conference

Sponsor Conference Luncheon with Guest Speaker $20 per attendee
Sponsor Student Participation at Conference $100 per student
Sponsor Break-Out Sessions at Conference (two sessions) $750 per session

Level 2 Participation: Conference Speakers and Student Scholarships

Sponsor Plenary Speaker $3000
Sponsor Visiting Scholar in Residence $3000
Sponsor Annual Student Scholarship Fund for Research Accepted to Regional or National Academic Conference $2500 per student
Sponsor Annual Student Scholarship Grant for BCUR Research Assistant
The BCUR Research Assistant would pair with a Bryan College faculty member to complete collaborative research for conference presentation and/or publication. Research would be presented at the BCUR conference
$2500 per student
Sponsor Development and Editing Expenses for the Online Academic and Creative Arts Journal: Tributary
Funding for Tributary would involve the initial development of the online journal and ongoing editing
  • Initial Development
  • Annual Editing


Level 3 Participation: Research and Creative Arts Annual Conferences

Sponsor Annual BCUR Spring Research Conference $15,000
Sponsor Annual BCUR Fall Creative Arts Conference $15,000
Sponsor Both Annual BCUR Fall Creative Arts and BCUR Spring Research Conferences $30,000