What Participants are Saying

“I was really challenged to think about how I'm interacting with the people that live around me. I was convicted that I'm not involved enough with the people who live closest to me. I was convicted that the command, "Love your neighbor as yourself," is quite literal.”

Boston team member

“I greatly respect what Boston Project Ministry has done and continues to do. It was beneficial to me to frame the week around the passage in Micah about seeking justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with your God. This was just a beautiful picture of what the emphasis for our trip was on and something, again, that helped get me in the right mindset…Their emphasis was all about loving our neighbor even when they are different than we are and it's very obvious in Dorchester where Boston Project is located that there is a lot of diversity. This theme is thus very relevant for them and they do an excellent job serving their immediate neighborhood and living the gospel in tangible ways…I'll be making more of an effort to pray for the homeless person I may pass walking through downtown Orlando where I'm from. This trip has caused me to view the homeless in a whole new light.”

Boston team member

“The Detroit team was just tons of fun. I loved being with each and every one of them. Occasionally quarters were tight, but we always worked through issues and I feel much closer to all of them now…
I've discovered I am very interested in ministry work…much more so than I originally thought and I feel like I am actually capable of contributing to an ESL/tutoring-focused ministry. I plan to pursue this interest in the upcoming years through other opportunities as they present themselves.”

Detroit team member

“I really valued how open and real City of Refuge was. They showed us what everyday life was like for them even with its struggles. I loved their focus on people that are hurting and in need, and trying to reach out to help show the love of God to those people. I was really humbled by this trip, and feel that it definitely changed my attitude of serving others…One thing I looked forward to when I applied for this trip was just getting to know the people on my team, and I think we all bonded really well on the trip. We all were able to be open with each other, share some personal things, and grow to be good friends with each other.”

San Diego team member

“I love that each team member that works for Hope for Opelousas is on fire for the Lord. The community is involved which makes things a whole lot easier and better to minister to. Loren, the Hope for Opelousas director, showed and poured his grateful attitude on each one of us and it was such a blessing to work with him and to learn more about the community we were working in but also the lives of the children that they have touched…Not many of those children have somebody that will take time to love on them and that is what Hope for Opelousas does…This trip was a recharging trip for me. It made me look back on my life to see what I have done and what I can do now that I'm a college student. BFC has helped me become a more humble person and someone to live with flexibility because you never know what can happen and things can change in a split second. It also helped me decide what I want to do with the rest of my life and that is to serve children whether they are special needs or ordinary. God has given me a gift and now it's my time to use the gift he has given me.”

Louisiana team member