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Bible Reading Plans and Popular Sites

  • ESV One Year Bible This is the daily reading in written and audio form of the popular ESV One Year Bible.
  • The following are popular sites to study the Bible on the Web: 
  • STEP (Scripture Tools for Every Person from Tyndale House, Cambridge).  This resource was developed by the scholars at Tyndale House,  Cambridge, and the Evangelical Research Library near Cambridge University in England.  The site includes a reverse interlinear for the ESV,  very good cross-reference links, and an amazing collection of very good older commentaries.  This site also has research texts like the Samaritan Pentateuch, Dead Seas Scrolls, and Greek and Latin resources in the original languages and in English.
  • Classic Bible Commentaries.  This site includes commentaries from Calvin, Darby, the Geneva Study Bible, Gill, Jamieson, Faussett and Brown, Matthew Henry, and Wesley.
  • is a free service for reading and researching Scripture online--all in several languages and translations. Biblegateway provides advanced tools to search the Bible by keywords or verse, as well as other tools.  This site includes the IVP New Testament Commentaries.
  • Crosswalk.  This includes the above commentaries plus Scofield Reference notes,  the Fourfold Gospel and the Treasury of David.  It includes Ashley Johnson's Condensed Biblical Encyclopedia.  The main page is a multi-channel site with blogs,  devotional helps and other sites of interest to Christians.
  • Blueletterbible.  This includes some of the above commentaries and a few more like J. B. Lightfoot on Romans and Martin Luther on Galatians.  There are maps and images,  and the old ISBE.
  • E-Sword.  This site allows you to download Barnes,  Clarke,  Darby,  the Geneva Bible Notes,  John Gill,  Keil and Delitzsch among others.  This also allows you to download the Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge.
  • Studylight.  This site includes Clarke,  Abbott and Abbott,  James Burton Coffman,  Barnes's Notes,  David Guzik,  John Lightfoot,  among others.
  • Biblos.  A very good site with commentaries,  interlinears,  encyclopediae,  Atlases among other things.

Biblical Theology

Internet Toolbar

  • Tyndale House Cambridge's Internet Toolbar  This is a resource to aid in translation of Biblical languages and research languages together with Bibliographic aids to find current books and articles about topics and passages in the Bible.

Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Study Bibles

  • Worldwide Study Bible (CCEL)  This site includes the "Worldwide Study Bible."  The WWSB is a collection organized by chapter and verse of the Bible with links to ancient,  medieval and modern commentaries on the given passage.  Also,  this site includes the ability to search with "AND,  OR,  NOT" the entire collection of major Christian writings through the Reformation.  E.g.,  type in "Jesus AND Adam AND naked AND tree" and you will pull up many discussions of Jesus and Adam and how redemption recapitulates the fall.
  • NET Bible  This is a free study Bible by many people associated with Dallas Seminary.  It is a good translation,  but the study notes are very,  very,  very good.  They are up to date and give reasons behind the translators' choices.
  • Augustine on the Psalms.  This is Augustine's complete work on the Psalms.
  • Aquinas on the Psalms.  This is a translation project dedicated to Aquinas's work on the Psalms.
  • Spurgeon on the Psalms.  This is a good site for Spurgeon's work on the Psalms.
  • Jerome's Commentaries on the Bible.  This is Jerome's summaries about the Books of the Bible.  It also includes other works of the Church Fathers.

Research Assistance

  • This text is like having a personal research assistant on any given passage.  It includes links to scholarly articles on the passage as well as artwork and even movie clips to illustrate a given passage's point.  This resource is from an Anglican perspective and includes how non-evangelicals think of Bible passages.
  • 1,000 Years of Gospel Interpretation  How did people interpret the Gospels for the first 1,000 years of Christianity?  Read Thomas's,  Catena Aurea  ("The Golden Chain"),  at this site indexed to each Gospel passage.  A similar site is e-Catena a collection by passage of commentaries from the Church Fathers.
  • Search 10,000 Books in 5 Seconds This feature searches the entire CCEL website of Bible related material.  Type in the words and ideas you are looking for using "AND",  "OR" or "NOT" and have this site sift through thousands of religious texts where your words occur in close proximity.  Here also is a site for more Church Fathers beyond those in the 38 Volume T. & T. Clarke set.  Here is a resource to find any out-of-copyright book on the web:  The Online Books Page.
  • Jewish Interpretation and the Bible  This site is from a Puritan commentator,  John Lightfoot whose Commentary on the New Testament (Matthew-Acts) has special reference to how Rabbinic teaching may relate to the Bible..
  • Access to Jewish Biblical Interpretation (Primary Documents in English)  This is a site hosting the Mishnah,  Talmud and other Jewish documents in English translation.
  • Desiring God Ministries.  This is John Piper's website. 
  • Bible Arc. A free Greek aid from John Piper. 
  • Sonic Light.  This site includes verse by verse interpretation of the whole Bible. 
  •  This is Biola's Biblical Studies website.
  • Great Scholarly Methodist Commentary on all of Scripture  This is the site for the Bible commentary of Adam Clarke (1760-1832) a Methodist polymath.  Clarke is particularly good with ancient historical references.
  • Great Scholarly Presbyterian Commentary on all of Scripture  This is the site for the Bible commentary of Albert Barnes a scholarly Presbyterian Minister. Other Presbyterian sites include the following: 
  •  Collection of modern Reformed teachers.
  • 3rd Millennium Ministries.  This site belongs to Richard Pratt,  Th.D. (Harvard) and RTS Professor of Old Testament offers free video resources.
  • Covenant Seminary free online classes.  Covenant Seminary, the national seminary of the PCA, offers these classes.
  • Westminster Theological Seminary (Electronic Studies Resource Page).  This is a collection of Internet resources.  It includes Biblical Studies as well as Reformed Theology links.
  • Matthew Poole's Annotations Upon the Holy Bible, Genesis to Isaiah  |  Jeremiah to Revelation
  • JSTOR.  This site houses many academic journal articles on the Bible.  Many of these are accessible from the Bryan Dayton Campus website.
  • ATLA.  This is a site similar to JSTOR with more journals.
  • Google Scholar.  This is the place to start in scholarly resource.  It will give you a good place to start.
  • TREN.  Theological Research Exchange Network,  access to current papers from ETS and MA theses.

Ancient Texts


  •  Have you ever wondered what "Shechem" looks like,  or what the Jordan River looks like at the Abel-Shittim crossing?  Here's the site for you.
  •  This is a scholarly clip art site.  This site has pictures from scholarly dictionaries and lexica on subjects related to the Bible and antiquity.  It also has a great artwork collection related to the Bible.
  • New Testament Art IndexOld Testament Art Index.  These sites collect artwork representing various Biblical passages and organize each passage's artwork by date of painting.

Maps and Timelines

Creative Bible Teaching Tools

  •  Are you teaching the Bible and wish you had a movie clip to illustrate your point.  Check this website out.
  •   This is from the Textweek site mentioned above.  It is a movie index of illustrations for ideas in the Bible.
  •  How Christianity and Pop Culture relate.  This site offers ways of using elements of contemporary culture as a springboard to interact with other worldviews particularly postmoderns.
  •  This is a Christian website with ideas and issues from contemporary culture.  There is good discussion of how these relate to a Christian worldview.

Specialty Study Pages for Greek and Hebrew

Pastoring Your Own Heart

Additional Resources for Students at Bryan College under E-student Coursework Applications

Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible 3.0 Site License

  • Nestle Aland 27th Novum Testamentum with Critical Apparatus
  • Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia with Critical Apparatus
  • Biblia Hebraica Quinta with Critical Apparatus and Notes
  • Ralhfs/Hanhart Septuaginta with Critical Apparatus

Resources on Sages Coursework Applications Server

  • Babylonian Talmud, translation and commentary by Jacob Neusner

Resources on Bibleworks 8.0 Site License

  • Morphologically Tagged Texts
  • Greek New Testament
  • Hebrew Old Testament
  • Greek Pseudepigrapha
  • Hebrew and Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Hebrew Mishnah
  • Greek Philo
  • Greek Josephus
  • Greek Early Church Fathers
  • 37 Volume Church Fathers
  • English Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Dead Sea Scrolls

 MACS Electronic Textbooks

Logos 4.0 Platinum Edition (almost $19,000 worth of books if purchased in print version).  Logos has discounted this product for our students since we are requiring the program as the textbooks for the entire Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS) program.  This is a small, scholarly pastor's library on your laptop with easy searches of all these materials.