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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

How Can I find out what is available in the bookstore to purchase?

  • The Bookstore carries a variety of merchandise such as office supplies, clothes, trade books, Christian CDs, cards, gift items and Bryan College logo items. Most of our Bryan College-related items can be found on our online Bookstore. If you don’t find what you are looking for you can call the Bookstore during our regular business hours and we will be more then happy to help you with your order.

If I want to order a copy of a chapel message how do I go about this?

  • Chapel messages can be ordered online from our web site -OR- if you don’t see what you are looking for you can call the bookstore and place an order with us.

Are Chorale and Chamber CDs available through the bookstore?

  • Yes, you can purchase these CDs on our web site or by calling the bookstore directly.

Does the bookstore offer any other services that I should know about?

  • The bookstore carries balloons and we can create balloon bouquets for your son/daughter for any occasion – (birthday, get well, congratulations, thinking of you, encouragement, etc.) You will need to call the bookstore during our regular business hours for us to be able to help you with this service.
  • We can also create gift bags for your son/daughter. We can fill these bags with food items, coffee mugs, small stuffed animals, etc. These can be bought separately or put with one of our balloon bouquets. Again all you need to do is give us a call.

Textbook Related Questions:

How do I order textbooks?

  • Go to our Web site and click on Ordering Textbooks for a detail answer to this question.

How do I know what textbooks my son/daughter needs for their class?

  • Once your son/daughter registers for their classes they should be able to go to their eStudent account and bring up their class listing. This is where they will find what books are required for their classes. If your son/daughter is having trouble with their eStudent account they will need to contact the IT dept for help.

How do I know what editions I need to order and what do I need to do to assure I get the right one?

  • When the professor adopts a textbook for a class he will input an ISBN#. This number tells what edition he is wanting to use. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you purchase your textbooks using this ISBN# and not by the title of the book. Each edition has a different ISBN#.

If I order textbooks from the bookstore online when can I pick them up from the bookstore?

  • Once an order is placed online for textbooks from the bookstore that order is sent to the bookstore via email. We get orders once a day, usually each morning. We order these books as the orders reach us. As soon as your textbooks arrive in the store we set them aside with your student’s name. This process can take as little as a day or up to a week depending on what textbooks are needed. Your student will need to stop by the bookstore to find out if their books are all in.

When do I pay for textbooks that I have ordered from the bookstore?

  • You pay for these books when they are picked up from the bookstore. We accept checks, cash, most major credit cards, or if your students has extra money on their accounts they can go to the business office on campus and get a student voucher.

Does the Bookstore carry any textbooks that are not ordered online?

  • The bookstore does keep some textbooks on hand for some of the freshman classes. We also carry textbooks that are either printed by smaller companies that are not books that can be purchase online or that are printed by the college such as class notes.

If I order textbooks by mistake from the bookstore can I cancel this order?

  • Up to a certain date you can cancel your order by going to your student’s eStudent account (go to our Web site and click on Ordering Textbooks for a detail answer to this question). After that date you will have to email the bookstore directly at to cancel any order.

How long will you hold textbook orders in the bookstore for my student?

  • We hold textbook orders for up to two weeks following the start of classes each semester. Before re-selling books to other students or sending them back to the publishers several notices are sent out to the students that we are still holding books for them.

What textbooks can be returned to the bookstore?

  • Any textbook bought from the bookstore can be returned to the bookstore as long as the student still has their receipt and the textbook is brought back in the same condition as it was purchased.
  • We accept returns up until one week after classes begin. Students must have a copy of their receipt and books must be returned in the same condition as they were purchased.
  • If textbooks are purchased after this date the student has 24 hours to return a book.
  • We also will accept textbook returns from books bought through MBS but the student MUST have the receipt for these textbooks.

Does the bookstore buy back used textbooks?

  • Twice a year, usually during final exam week, the bookstore does buy back used books for a used books company. We do not set the prices for these books; the used book company does and we do not know in advance what books they will want. Students can bring their books by at the advertised time and place and check to see if any of their books can be sold.