Proceed Conference Breakout Sessions

Sam Spatola
Saints Equipped to Evangelize
"Church Planting" Mercer 239
Jesus told us to go into all the world and make disciples.  Making disciples is more than just evangelism--it's starting local indigenous churches.

Ed & Linda Speyers
Wycliffe Bible Translators
"How I Spent My Summer Vacation” Mercer 241

Come and hear the gripping tales of one missionary couple who found themselves living smack dab in the middle of a people group that practiced folk Islam. Their stories may surprise you.

Calvin Taylor
New Tribes Mission

"Reaching Those Who Don't Understand the Gospel"

Mercer 110

By starting in Genesis 1:1 and finishing in Acts 1:12, a missionary can explain the Gospel in less than 70 hours of teaching.  That's pretty quick, especially if 81 people understand and receive the Good News in an unreached tribe in Indonesia!

Anne White
Trans World Radio
"The Forgotten Ones:
Reaching Oral Culture Through Media"
Mercer 116
More than half of the world’s population may be considered part of an oral culture: they prefer to communicate - or only communicate - through the spoken word. Discover not only who these people are, but how the gospel can reach them through the media.
John Edwards
SEND International
"I <heart> Muslims" Mercer 128
Using video clips of interviews with Muslims in countries, John will talk about the obstacles facing American Christians while presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims, and how these can and are being overcome. He will also talk about the work of SEND International.
Derek Ried
New Mission Systems International
"Dream On (Not a Glee Remix)" Mercer 132
Have a passion for sports? Okay! Have a passion for physical therapy? Okay! Have a passion for engineering? Okay! Have a passion to see the end of sex-trafficking? Okay! If you have a passion and you're not sure what it has to do with missions, come learn how New Mission Systems International helps make your dreams and passions into reality.
Ted Draper
Avant Ministries

"Your Gifts, Their Church, His Difference:
An Overview of Short-Cycle Church Planting"

Mercer 133
The Session will begin with the basic overview of Short-Cycle Church Planting (SCCP), followed by specific examples: a church-plant in Poland, Central Asia, Italy, Uruguay and Slovenia, which will include a brief video. In each country, specific examples of individuals using their unique gifts will be highlighted. 

BJ & Shanna Bechtel
Inner City Impact
"What’s Your Smell?" Library ASC

In ministry the role of a shepherd is one we are to take on whether that is for a church of 5000 as a lead pastor, a small church, a small group, a children’s ministry, or a Sunday school class. As a shepherd there is a smell that comes with that; however, often we want to stay away from the stench and have a nice rosy smell to ourselves. In this time we will discuss what it means to get down and dirty with “the sheep” who are lost without a shepherd if we are to be effective in ministry.

Roberta Hill
Bratislava Educational Resource Center
Education Overseas:
Impacting Children-at-risk
Mercer 317
Come hear about TWO overseas opportunities! Learn about a newly developing ministry between TWR and ACIS that involves working with national children, particularly street kids, in Africa; AND the education and discipleship of missionary kids and other expatriate/international students abroad. Education majors are needed in both ministries, but so are a variety of other support majors: business, IT, library, teaching English as a second language, and more.