Is a Bryan College Education Worth It?

Sometimes the media hype concerning college loan debt and the value of a college education can obscure the facts and lead to an underinformed or misinformed decision.

Here are some important things to consider that should give you more confidence as you explore the possibility of enrolling at Bryan College.

Preparation for Life after College

  • A college graduate has significantly more marketability in a world where the average working American will switch jobs 11 times over the course of his or her career.
  • A liberal arts education from Bryan is designed to give graduates a broad knowledge base and the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace.

Low Cost & Generous Institutional Aid

  • The cost of one year of a private, Christian higher education at Bryan is within $2,700 of the net price of attending UTC.
  • Bryan tuition rose from 2010-11 to 2011-12 at less than half the rate of UTC and a year at Bryan costs 16% less than the average Christian college. 
  • 96% of Bryan students receive gift aid from the college versus only 26% of their UTC counterparts.

Competitive Graduation Rates

  • Even if you are able to find a lower net cost, you must also consider that an investment in education is worth very little should the student not graduate on time or at all.
  • Students who enter college for the first time as freshmen at Bryan are 3 times more likely to graduate from Bryan within 4 years than freshmen entering the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC ) are to graduate from UTC within the same timeframe.
  • Bryan graduates a higher percentage of students than any other college or university in the area, including UTC, Tennessee Wesleyan, and Lee University (see graduation rate data here).
There are many other things to consider, but in the final analysis Bryan offers exceptional value when one considers the overall quality of the education and environment and post-graduation opportunities available at an affordable price.